Thursday, May 21, 2015

The living conditions of the elderly and children of the workers in Donbass (photographs)

National Council DNI
The living conditions of the elderly, children of the present workers of Donbass (photographs)

Today at 2:21 am

Former officials in DONETSK complained about the "bad conditions of staying in bomb shelters." In the Holy boarding house so-called refugee officials of Donetsk Regional State Administration, spoke about the "heavy price" of living in a boarding house in Holy. According to them, the officials feel "tremendous hardship and inconvenience need attention"!

And to not to speak about the children of Donbass, living for a year in basements, wet rooms, under fire "defenders"! The living conditions of the elderly, the present workers of Donbass !?We present a series of photographs taken in bomb shelters Donbass. It depicts a bomb shelter near the mine "Trudovs'ka" in the Petrovsky district and in the town of Pervomaisk. There still are people, old people, women and children. Without light, heat and water. 

Constant shelling and terrible sanitary conditions. There is also a photo made ​​Feb. 25, 2015, in which 67-year-old in his destroyed house. In the most recent photographs, Donetsk after the ceasefire. Here are the appalling conditions of life! And sad to hear the so-called so-called workers of Donetsk Regional State Administration about their difficulties in life ...

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