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Ukraine is Waiting for Default as Money from the IMF will not be an Answer

Bankers stifle Ukraine

Posted May 21, 2015

For those living outside of Ukraine , it is important to note some aspects that are commonly overlooked networking and media analysts. Here's to them we will focus.

The first and most important conclusion: In the West, there are powerful forces that play against Ukraine. Again. In the West, there are powerful forces that play against Ukraine. Otherwise, the story of a default would simply not there. In the US, there are an influential group, more precisely, an alliance of groups who would very much like to use Ukraine as a powerful battering ram against Russia, but the fact that it requires money, money and money again.

But with the money and the clan Clintons, and the Republican neo-conservatives - a big problem, not in the sense that they are poor, but in the sense that finding and "put on the table" from 60 to 100 billion dollars for the sake of "Ukraine project "- a very trivial task.

Many vsepropalschiki have extremely simplified picture of the world in which there is an absolute evil monolith - the political elite of the United States, which is completely subordinated to Europe, and which may be all or almost all. World vsepropalschikov there is only one solution of the Ukrainian question and European Affairs.

Ukrainian defaulted postponed until June

Kiev mode they offer immediately destroy by force, citing the cries of "if you do not do it now, it will get stronger, and then capture the Crimea and Moscow with the help of his new army and American money!", And they offer to Europe to fight, because "it It lies under the United States. "

Such citizens (especially those of them who work under contract in the "creation of a patriotic opposition to the Kremlin"), very nervously react to the following questions:

1. Why does the United States have not yet printed ofigliard dollars and not give them to Kiev for the army, rescue the economy and so on? After all, the United States - a powerful country, economic problems (in terms of vsepropalschikov) and it does not have to wait for the American crisis - stupidity. Why is that? Trying to save on your "main project against Russia?"

2. Why is the United States, if they control the EU, the ECB did not make print for Kiev ofigliard euro? There's even an argument about the "save" does not work, because then the United States would finance the creation of a powerful battering ram against the Ukrainian Russian people's money. This is a dream, not a scheme!Why is this not done?

Honest answers to these questions demolish super simple (and therefore harmful) vsepropalschikov picture of the world. They have to look for, or very, very crazy theories, or come to the obvious idea that it is not so simple.

For example, the most radical politicians in Washington do not have access to the printing press. Washington "hawks", who more or less control over foreign policy, the EU can make to take sanctions (see how they will renew them), but can not force the EU to fund the Ukraine, or announce an oil embargo against Russia.

The situation with the default adds interesting details to the picture of the world:

1. The IMF obviously plays against Ukraine, which, in view of the conflict through Lagarde - the US Congress, it seems logical. I recall the plot of the conflict: Head of IMF demands that the United States abandoned the "controlling stake in the IMF" and transfer funds under the control of the developing countries. This requirement results in Washington "hawks" in the rage.

IMF actually made "accelerator default." On the one hand, Kiev had been promised money (enough to not starve to death), but their production is linked to the restructuring of the existing debt to the Western Ukrainian private foundations and to Russia. If the IMF does not put this condition, we would not be discussing the upcoming Ukrainian default.

Russia's Finance Ministry immediately sent Kiev and regularly repeats its uncompromising stance. Some citizens regret that Russia does not include the "acceleration clause" of the conditions of release Ukrainian Eurobonds, which allows you to claim 3 billion right now, but that would be the wrong decision.

Three billion block

It is much better for everyone would be if the default mode of Kiev will not provoked by Russian and Western investment funds.

Here there is a second interesting aspect: the top Western investment funds do not want to help the Washington radicals - clan Clintons and neocons. It is obvious that they are under pressure and desperately need to write off the Ukrainian debts, but the effect is absolutely zero.

In world practice, can be counted on the fingers of cases where private foundations agreed to debt relief in circumstances where other major lenders (like Russia in the case of Ukraine) did not agree to write off. As I predicted, the demarche Siluanova, who in March publicly revealed the position of Russia, played against Ukraine:

"From the point of view of world financial practices Siluanov did not even hard, and cruel - to the point of sadism. The fact that these are usually negotiated with the creditors of the country on the brink of default lead to the maximum silence in order to be able to "push" a good environment in individual negotiations with each of the creditors, none of whom do not want to be a chode and write off more than written off others.

Siluanov violated and trampled upon the principle of non-disclosure and gentlemen revealed not only the fact of negotiations with Russia, but also clearly indicated that no write-offs. Thus, he put all other creditors of Ukraine in an awkward position.

They have a choice: either to publicly admit that they write off debts and suckers for political reasons (in this place career fund managers - Ukrainian bond holders can be safely flushed down the toilet) or to demand full payment of debt following the example of the Russian Ministry of Finance. "

In judo, there is a reception "tsukkomi dzhime" which involves smothering the enemy without hands, and lapel of his own kimono.It turns funny: like no one beat the opponent and not the throat, only pulled the kimono, but it is lifeless. With default of Ukrainian situation is similar.

In the role of lapel stands one point of the conditions of release Ukrainian Eurobonds, and the item is present and those who are from Western creditors and those that now Russia. According to this paragraph, each new release Ukrainian Eurobonds should be served in a «pari passu» - that is, All creditors of Ukraine are entitled to equal treatment benefits.

This allows investment funds to demand from Kiev that he was paid under the same conditions, which requires Russia - that completely.And vice versa. For Kiev, it is a vicious circle. Of course, Western funds can refuse to pay "in good faith", but to rely on the good will, for example, the Fund Mark Mobius, who is a "purse" of that part of the American elite who hates clan Clintons, it will be very difficult.

Ukraine's future: two reasonable ways to proceed

Is there a chance that the funds lenders still break under the pressure of the radical part of the US political elite?There. But miserable. The fact that they have held so far, speaks volumes, and would not be venturing Lagarde entire sequence with chaining tranches IMF debt forgiveness, if not believed in its success.

An amusing detail can be noted angry statement Ukrainian Minifina who is angry that "the creditors committee of Ukraine" refuses to disclose its membership, talking with Ukraine "through the secretary," and generally behaves like a "unscrupulous lenders." In these opening chances for salvation of Ukraine from default - miserable.

Do Kiev chances to win in court against creditors: that is, against Russia and against the supposedly anonymous committee of Western investment funds?

Yes, but only if Ukraine will be destroyed for the sake of London as a global financial center, which is highly unlikely.

Not only that the Ukrainian eurobonds issued under English law and are sold through the Irish Stock Exchange and with the formal point of view they belong to the British special trust companies that receive money from Kiev, pay their bondholders and lead all the legal work for the maintenance of the financial instrument.

This is a very clever scheme verified on thousands of bond issues for a few hundred years in London as a modern financial center. One of the consequences of such a scheme is, for example, the fact that Kiev did not know by name, one in particular those of the Eurobonds - all the "strings" on the end of special trusts, and more - complete obscurity. Interestingly, they have also sue these British closed trusts.

Unlike many journalists who write on this subject, yours truly found and carefully read the complete terms of the issue of Eurobonds, which bought Russian. After reading all 210 pages of it turned out that, according to paragraph 13 - "enforcement of obligations" to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance will sue London's The Law Debenture Trust Corporation plc, which is the manager of the private trust, in which Eurobonds are.

This company is engaged in the business "of coercion to the fulfillment of obligations" so long and successfully, which has earned itself a place in the index of the largest 250 UK companies, which are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Carolina runs the company Banski - former CFO of the bank NM Rothschild & Sons (NM Rothschild & Sons), and the board of directors like a "fiscal UN Security Council," if such an organization existed.

Among the directors and owners of high-ranking officials, and appear the structure of almost all important financial houses Morgan (needs no introduction), Schroeder (Confederation of the bankers, Hitler and Margaret Thatcher), Refbouny (former East India Company) ... Only Rockefellers not.

Ukraine falls into default. Today, "Ukrzaliznytsya" - then everywhere

Given how the documents drawn up and the level of training of those who will sue the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance in London, the chance to "come off" in Kiev is extremely small.No tales of war, aggression and klyatyh Moskal will not help.

Of course, we can not exclude that the court will click, but "kidok 'creditors in the rightness of their obvious will be the end of London as a financial center, where the world's elite may carry out their transactions. Donate whether London for Ukraine? It is extremely unlikely.
What awaits Ukraine?

Unless a miracle happens, Ukraine is waiting for default. A default means that money from the IMF will not be, and that any foreign currency assets of the Ukrainian state is Ukraine (including financial assistance from countries and the governments of the West) will be subject to judicial "frozen."

Most importantly - without external financial injections hryvnia is waiting for a fascinating journey along the path trodden Zimbabwean dollars, at the very bottom of the global economy. The course will transform pensions and salaries in the dust, and bank accounts - an unnecessary throwback to bygone happiness.

Imports will really gold, and life - is incredibly expensive. Perhaps the Kiev regime wants urgently to war in order to distract the population from the sad thoughts, but this attempt will end quickly and ingloriously.

Author: Crimson Alter

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