Saturday, May 16, 2015

US intelligence warned Russia about their impending invasion by the United States

US intelligence official Tunisia Davis warned Russia about the impending invasion of the United States

A US intelligence official warned Russia about the impending invasion of the American intelligence officer arrested in the United States, but she managed to convey Russian diplomats plan and timing of the global war against Russia. US media completely unbelievable story told in the spirit of espionage blockbuster that has unfolded in the first days of May in the United States. 

It all started with the fact that the alleged April 30 at the Russian consulate in Washington came a woman who had an employee of the US NSA. Tunisia Davis, was the name of a woman, handed over to the Russian consulate weighty folder with the documents confirming the plan and terms of the operation "imminent incident," which has the goal of provocation of a major war. Details of the documents received were not disclosed, but indicative of possible imminent global confrontation in the world . 

Parties to the conflict is not hard to predict, given who was handed over to the secret information. According to the American sources on the same day Davis was arrested on false charges of trying to seize weapons from the police and is still in compulsory psychiatric lechenii.1 May closed links US intelligence agencies have tried to return the documents, but already May 2 abandoned the idea because both received from the Russian side, "a specific list of evidence" This could be considered for the next story, but quite unexpectedly, after a three-day break, on May 5, NATO and Russia announced the creation of a direct communication line to resolve any issues in security and conflict prevention. 

Such systems, which was at the time between the USSR and the USA. Besides US Secretary of State Kerry makes virtually unplanned visit to Russia, where he found himself coming last two years and conducts a personal meeting with Putin. The visit to the West already commented on how small, yet diplomatic victory of Russia. But this is not fiction. American intelligence has warned Russia about the attack.

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