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A summary of military events in New Russia for 6/23/2015

A summary of military events in New Russia for 6/23/2015

For the past day fighting in the Donbass were local. Ukrainian law enforcers under the cover of darkness continued methodically bombard cities and towns of New Russia banned the Minsk Agreement guns.

June 23 at the Center of Recovery Management reported that another 31 humanitarian convoy of Russian Emergencies Ministry is expected on June 25. The structure will include cargo 580 tons of food and medicines.

Military developments in DNI
In the Donetsk People's Republic, the situation remains unchanged. The shelling of towns being almost always at night.
For the past day on June 23 in Donetsk, everything is also not without fire. If we look at places that are exposed to fire, APU, by geographic location, it may be noted that, as before the city is subjected to fire Ukrainian security officials from two directions: north and west.
So, at midnight on June 23 district shopping center "Metro" was fired from the village Sands, there are position of the Ukrainian side. As of 5:22 near Sand was shooting battle.
At 1:25 Ukrainian security officials opened fire due to which were recorded arrivals shells on Putilovku (Kiev region of Donetsk). At the same time, under fire fighters APU has appeared near the railway station in Donetsk. Fixed getting ammunition caliber 122 mm. 1:31 The fighting broke out with artillery in the village Spatrak. Shelling APU reproduced from the village of Nevelsk.

After a night of shelling in Donetsk, in the Petrovsky district as a result of a direct hit in a private house on the street Borisov 9a injured man, he received injuries and bruises, his condition is satisfactory.
There is also damage to the houses on the street Sokolovsky. During shelling Ukrainian security officials, according to preliminary data, was used mortars and small arms.

As a result, the night bombardment of the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk, killing one person.

In the morning it was reported that as of 10:00 in the city quiet. Day in the city remains calm and only with the arrival of dusk began again to be reported shelling of the city.
So, about 20:55 on the west side of Donetsk began to reach ruptures issued shells APU with Krasnogorovka direction.

21:10 fire was heard in the village of the Pilot, where the position of APU. At 21:45 with Avdeyevka direction Ukrainian soldiers opened intermittent artillery fire towards the village Spartak and Kiev region of Donetsk. Shells fired fighters APU, lay somewhere in the vicinity of the airport.

The night of 22 to 23 June, residents of Marinka, like the inhabitants of the entire region, was held under the sounds of gunfire. At 1:30 mark not intense clashes with mortars.
From about 3:00 to 5:00 with a few interruptions to reload Ukrainian security forces fired on the positions of the militia.
At 3:20 between settlements and Marinka Krasnogorovka observed shooting battles with variable intensity.
In the afternoon the situation remained more or less calm, but the evening began to come back reports of shelling. At 21:25 was heard shots from Marinka. At 22:05 in the area of ​​traffic police was recorded Marinka work of small arms, and almost immediately added mortar.
Until midnight on June 24 more than reported shelling and firing have been reported.

The throat and the District of midnight on June 23 until midnight on June 24 recorded minor and short attacks and shootings.
At 00:00 hours, the residents of Gorlovka noted that in the west, near the village of Verhnetoretskoe went tight infantry fights with wogs and mortars. Also, the city sounds of work in the area of ​​tank mines of South, the tank is not in the direction of the city.
The city is relatively quiet day passed, night fighting resumed. At 20:35 in the area of ​​Broad beams neighbors began shooting battles with wogs and AGS, at 22:29 shootout resumed.
Around 21:20 in the side of the village of Novgorod (position APU) was heard a loud explosion. At 21:37 of the district Noise Ukrainian security forces opened fire with small arms and AGS.
At 23:00 the inhabitants of the western and southwestern part of Gorlovka heard local skirmishes between the parties to conflict. After 7 minutes to the southwest came two shells, one went to the west of the city. At 23:15, it was reported that in the direction of Dzerzhinsk settlements Ozeryanovka Mikhailovka and opened fire. As of 23:40 the militia continued to record incoming, in the same direction. By 00:20 in the area of ​​the fighting subsided Gorlovka.
At noon there is activity on the clashes Svetlodarsk direction.
And at 20:26 somewhere in the area between the villages of Lugansk and Kalynivka began a melee infantry battles, with the support of heavy artillery from both sides.

In the southern direction of the night of 22 June 23, Ukrainian security forces again fired Dokuchaesk shelling of the village. Fire APU opened at 23:30 on June 22. After an hour from the city it was reported that the shelling continued. APU used mortar shells, MLRS "Grad", howitzers. APU were firing attack from several points: from villages Nikolaevka and steppe-Taramchuk. On the morning of June 23 the mayor said that as a result of night shelling killed one civilian, another man was wounded.

Military developments in LC
The LC situation is still tense. In the direction of the track around 3:40 Bahmutka recorded clashes opposition parties in settlements and Youth Groove. Soldiers APU used different types of weapons: machine guns, AGS, mortars, heavy artillery receiver.

At night, June 23 as under fire APU turned Pervomaisk. Local residents reported that it was entering the street Dzerzhinsky. There was also slaughtered pipe. In one of the districts of two shells fell.

At 4:00 it was produced by bombarding checkpoint APU on the locality of Donetsk 120mm mortars, as a result of one man wounded.

At 16:05 from the APU checkpoint it opened fire in the direction of the village of Groove BMP. Ukrainian security forces fired two shots.

15:40 APU fighters were firing from the CHP village Happiness T-junction of the village Merry Mount with 82 mm mortars. A total of 10 min flew.
Almost midnight fighting intensified in the eastern direction and the LC. The first report of this fight has come at 23:35. It said that in the direction of Lugansk Villages hear the sounds of battle. So from the south-east side of the village The village Lugansk fixed shooting battles using mortars and AGS.

Along the Seversky Donets River during the day fixed fighting skirmishes. Skirmishes were carried out near the village of happiness, Trehizbenka, village Lugansk. APU used small arms, AGS-17 and ZU-23-2.

According to German police LC over the past day by shelling militia positions APU wounded three militiamen.

Eyewitnesses report that on June 23 through the town of Krasny Liman drove the SS column accompanied by traffic police in the direction of Slavyansk. It had two indoor Urals, one bus, about 15 vans and pickups.

Also, a message comes from a witness from the occupied APU Konstantinovka. The report Locals say that in the area w / station, right next to a residential house on the street Brothers Kotelnikovo, APU fighters threw a grenade, resulting in one of the apartments blast thrown from the window grandmother. The apartment on the balcony flew windows, shrapnel damaged plastic. Also hit the second floor.

As of June 23, in the Donetsk region the open road for the movement of cars in Artem and Mariupol directions. Although checkpoints with the Ukrainian side continued accumulation of cars, and problems with border crossings have not been exhausted, people will still go to the DNR.
Representatives of the Republic of Donbass in the Contact Group on June 23 held in Minsk preliminary consultations with the new Special Representative of the OSCE Saydikom Martin. This was reported by the head of delegation of the DNI, the vice-speaker of the National Council of Denis Pushilin.
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