Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Army of Ukraine to the massive cull private cars in Kiev

Army of Ukraine to the massive cull private cars in Kiev
Published June 24, 2015 - 14:59 
Poroshenko recommends that the Ukrainians, and further all as fervently dream of a brighter European future. So far, it has not yet come, for example, Kiev residents asked to abandon the vehicle. More precisely rent it. Poroshenko not in favor, of course. And for the "needs" of the Ukrainian army. We started with the machinery of capital companies. A graduate personal vehicles. It is written in the Rada adopted the law on bringing to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the mobilization of transport not only legal, but also individuals. 

There is no doubt that the people of Kiev is actively thinking, where would they hide their hard-earned savings on wheels. On the eve of the Ukrainian government amended the regulations on military-transport duties, under which vehicles of enterprises, institutions and organizations irrespective of their form of ownership will be held free of charge for the army. It is noted that the return of vehicles and equipment is carried out by military units within 30 calendar days from the announcement of demobilization by military commissariat, who made the withdrawal. 

Decision also provides for the procedure for compensation for damage caused to vehicles and equipment as a result of their involvement in mobilization. But this is on paper, but in reality everything is different. On Wednesday, as reported by Tass, the head of the Kiev City Military Commissariat Vladimir Cydonia a briefing reporters admitted that in reality vehicles for a long time is taken for no legitimate reason. According to him, in the capital for the year it seized more than 500 vehicles, "a lot of machines, we have seized in Kiev, more than 500. It freight. Withdrawn when formed last May, the battalion "Kievan Rus". 

This Kidon said nothing about fixed whether at least one case of the return of seized cars rightful owner. Meanwhile, the head of the Kiev City Military Commissariat stated reduction in the number of volunteers in the sixth wave of mobilization in the Ukrainian capital, "Frankly speaking volunteers is now less than it was in the second and third wave of mobilization." He said that the leaders of some of the Kiev companies prevent access of employees to the recruiting office summonses employees. 

Obviously, without waiting for the return of the seized "for a time" transport, the director refused to say good-bye forever, and his staff. It is because of people and transport - God bless him! Recall that the sixth wave of partial mobilization began in Ukraine on June 19 this year.

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