Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Donbass Mother's Plea: Help our Children if you can for awhile...*SHARE*

# DetiDonbassa

It would be foolish to me to tell you about the situation in the Donbass at the moment. Even more stupid - how the residents, Civilians, Old people, and Children, are experiencing this situation in Donbass. That's where I was finally able to explain in detail the essence of the idea, so on children I will discus. 
In the past year, when the city of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic were subjected to attacks by the APU, the network has a lot of offers to host children from the Donbass or mother with children. The proposals received from both the owners of boarding houses, and just individual. 
The fighting began in the late spring / early summer. That is, all you know that many children spent their last summer in a wet basement. That's right. 
Without exaggeration and embellishment. My baby was in the basement. My daughter spent days there, and sometimes in the evening to meet the dawn. In a wet basement. It was not my whim, but a way to survive the shelling of our area. I took away her daughter the day before our house was broken. She is now, fortunately, already forgotten that such bombings, haste in collecting things early in the morning and the cold wall with whitewash. 
But many children still spend their days in the cellar! It's scary. Just think how you can be in the winter in the basement? I'll tell you - it's creepy, even for an adult. You may ask why the children do not take away from such dangerous places? In fact there are many reasons. And do not you and I judge people - of that I am convinced ... Many are willing to depart, but there is no place and no trouble. In this we are able to help at least some families. 

What is my message to you: If you have the opportunity to, at least for a while, house a mother with a child in a quiet place, away from the war, let me know. Also, appeal to those who want to leave at the time of the fighting with the child - write to me. Alas, the opportunity to pick up all by myself I do not, although I would very much like this ... 
If this message will spread, even in several groups, the request will be known to more people. So please spread. I will be glad any proposals on this issue! I would like to # DetiDonbassa felt warm summer and hear the silence


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