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Donetsk - Marinka. Summing up the preliminary results (03/06/15 at 19.00)

Donetsk - Marinka. Summing up the preliminary results (03/06/15 at 19.00 g) fighting is not over yet and hardly would end in the night (on the contrary), but the general idea of the nature of the data is already possible to create clashes.  

I'll start with what is already written, otherwise difficult to understand the meaning ... Actually fighting near Marinka not started on 3 June and the day before. Prior to that, more than a day in this area was intensively artduel. They were shooting from both sides. Yesterday infantry units APU suffered significant losses. Local people reported that the rear one was transported infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers lined one. The night passed in the artillery attack, after one of them was made ​​attack VSN (around 4 am According to Kiev). Most likely it was a reconnaissance in force. The second attack, bypassing the south Marinka was unexpected and brought the result. 

Parts BCH were able to gain a foothold on the outskirts of the city, which caused panic opposite side. While part of the militia were fixed on the positions in the area of fighting hastily moved the operational reserve 28th Brigade (up to a tank company and two companies of infantry) from Kurakhovo and a battalion from Selidovo. By bringing a superior force (according to militia in the fighting on their side is involved up to 1.5 thousand. Pers. + 40 units. 

My evaluation units APU with reinforcements up to 2 thousand people and up to 50-60 units of armored vehicles) of the junta organized a counter-attack partially successful. APU was able to evacuate the wounded and to take some of the previously abandoned lines. At the same time all the time and has the BCH had superiority in artillery. But it is not overwhelming. In the area 17 hours VSN took another attack to no avail, that says nothing of the oncoming battle. The losses early to say, but ... Rating of the SBU on the evening of VSN losses - 14 killed and 80 wounded quite meet the nature of combat. 

Although somewhat overstated ... I think the tradition. From the 28th Brigade by intercepted radio counted 50 people VSN losses. Losses MAT / NG is difficult to assess. While data are scarce. The destruction of one platoon strong point that the junta acknowledges and losses on other fortifications, plus a counterattack provide at least the same loss. At 17.00 in the Dnepr delivered seven severely wounded (1 side) and .. 4 'light' bus (not the fact that today). But this is obviously the morning. Many of the wounded were left in Kurakhovo is (temporarily). Already I received information that in the river waiting for at least two sides of the wounded. Kharkov is no information. 

On the captives until there are no messages. DNI claims 15 dead and 60 wounded civilians in Donetsk . Conclusions: Given the number of attacks often BCH, I do not think it was offensive as such. Given the direction of impact and insignificant forces there can not be offensive even operational significance. Most of all, it looks like a chilling impact and stripping enemy reserves. Given that the army Kiev is essentially a hostage to politics (can not take abroad) should expect a series of meaningless on the part of the battle for access to initial positions with the same losses. 

It is important to today's night. ARMY DNI launched an offensive on several sites FRONT Donetsk People's Republic, tired tolerate disregard of the Kiev regime to the Minsk Agreement and endless shelling of settlements DNI, in some areas Front went on the offensive. The volunteer with the call sign "Varyag" Deputy Chief of Staff 5 BTG Republican Guard, told to "Kharkov" said Donetsk People's Republic troops began an operation to force the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the world. At this point in the combat zone unfold fierce battle. "That's what we've been waiting for has finally come to pass. 

Tired of the constant attacks and provocations by the Ukrainian punitive, Donetsk People's Republic army launched an offensive in several areas of the front, to "force for peace" Kiev government and sober presumptuous impunity from military and political leadership of Ukraine. Tired of the constant deaths of civilians, the people's army destroys the executioners on several fronts, breaking through the enemy's defenses. 

Fierce fighting is going on Gorlovka direction at Maryinsky direction and another of several other "- said the militiaman.According to the Varyag, in some places Ukrainian Defense APU already retreating, casting equipment and weapons. Trying to push the enemy from the capital of the People's Republic of Donetsk, the troops conducted an offensive DNI Maryino direction and practically recaptured Marinka. "In Gorlovka direction almost the same situation. 

The talks in Minsk, as shown, to nothing lead. At yesterday's meeting in Minsk have agreed on the next meeting. Once the Kiev government understands only the language of force, we will apply it to this method of communication. I would not be surprised if the next meeting in Minsk, representatives of Kiev will be much more amenable. Thus, the offensive began, and despite the losses incurred by our army and the Guard, it is successful. And, of course, will lead to victory, because we are the winners "- finished militia. I remind you that all along the line of contact between the armed clash broke out: in Shirokino not stop fierce fighting, Gorlovka and Yenakiyevo undergo attacks from heavy guns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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