Wednesday, June 24, 2015

News of New Russia, the DNI, LC

 News of New Russia, the DNI, LC 

Ukrainian punitive staged a sweep in the area Popasnjansky

There has been carried out so-called "stripping", which suffered almost no one civilian

Residents of Ukraine will have to part with the car

Ukrainian democracy is the most democratic in the world

Just as the Germans: June 22, 2015 DNR began shelling at 4am

And they now deny that the APU not fascists?

Freaky universe Poroshenko

The universe, which lives Poroshenko

APU embodied the process of killing civilians

"Hero-liberators" filmed on video killing of civilians

Armoured MAT attacked by Georgian mercenaries Mariupol

Georgian soldiers as evidence of clashes agreed to cut off the ears of Ukrainians

Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, together with his family, fled from Kiev to DNR

- I am a major general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the chief military analyst.Now I work for the DNI, - he announced the officer

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