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Better War than Cheating | by #colonelcassad July 16

Better war than cheating
Tyrion Lannister

After numerous accusations and zrade opus Illarionov with stories about the fact that Russia has exchanged Donbass Iran and Syria (koi US has denied 7/16 / n_7383997.shtml ), followed by acquittal positions minions Poroshenko, where well blurts essence of today's actions. Especially well-made channel owned by leading Poroshenko.

Everything? Everything is otkrichali, otpeli? Poems told everything? You can go? If I may, a few remarks ... 1. "Status" and "mode of government" is not the same. 2. Any claim 1 can be possible only in the Ukrainian laws and the control of Kiev abroad, right? About it no one forgot isteryaschih their fellow citizens? This condition remains in effect, hence the claim 3. 3.Having de jure the possibility of a regime of self-government in certain areas, Kiev says: "Well, we all did, whether those good - change flags to dissolve the illegal armed groups, return to the current Ukrainian laws and of the border, if you please - we would control .. . ". What answer Carpentry-Zakharchenko? "Never." And here comes the "de facto" - throws up his hands Kiev and pokes a finger: "we have done everything, and again they did ... emmmm when tighten sanctions else?". For the most slow-witted - a de jure is made ​​solely in order to prove that - de facto it proignoryat. 4. That is, nothing will change? Of course. The country will remain as he is, no government regime in certain areas will not. Not least because that election there, you need to put in the center of Donetsk agitation tent BOC, PS, PPO, NF ... hang boards, meetings with voters FOR ALL make possible. Unrealistic? Oh, it's a violation of the right to elect and to be elected .. oops. 5. Why all the corps de ballet?Kiev shows that it is not all ready, for the sake of a peaceful settlement, and Moscow again sits in a puddle, because it will never realization that there are so outraged patriotic SE. By the way, no one is embarrassed that Russian puppets and angered patriotic Ukrainian Stock Exchange the same - the result of voting. 6. "Obama has changed Ukraine to Iran." Smiley «frown» - "when you say, Ivan, the impression that you are raving." (C) 7. Yes, Ukraine is not an independent player in this game, so all of the steps agreed with the allies, but ... we do not sacrifice, on the contrary - is pulled by the ears. US support for Kiev reinforce its influence in Europe. Bardakovataya West has done a lot of organizational errors podrasslabilas lost its former exuberance can not be said about the ambitions of the East. Washington knows how to keep his nose to the wind, even at such a blur President Obama, so change the Ukraine on Iran - the point? With Iran still would have agreed just as with Havana. 8. Everything would not be so poetically in the parliament and hysterically on the Internet, if the authorities say more and more clearly to the country. Yes, there is a risk - the mind of the deputies did not would add more Used Troll patted on social networks Olginskaya nonsense about plums and so on. But ... the logic and motivation actions need to tell. Even if the disputed action. Definitely white solutions do not happen at all. There are always risks. But talk to a country looking for support ... 9. But in general ... in Ukrainian politics, according to the FB-posts and all that happened in Parliament, withered that is responsible for strategic thinking. Calculate 5 steps forward? No, we are better poem from the podium and tell the weeping Yaroslavna arrange. Sorry. But judging by the reaction Feysbuchika, popularly same ... Alas, nowhere to emerge new political forces - to choose not from someone with no one. And that's just the saddest thing, not a conditional special regime that had never realized. something like that. osts / 923102264416194 - zinc Nuland way de facto confirmed this vector developments / 0 7/16 / n_7383977.shtml Contributed Kiev constitutional amendments suggest that Ukraine has fulfilled its obligations under the Minsk Agreement , reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the statement by the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland.Po words Nuland, at a meeting with Per Poroshenko, they discussed the importance of Ukraine's compliance with obligations under the Minsk Agreement. Particular attention she paid to the need for legislative recognition of the special status of Donbass In her opinion, it is necessary for the restoration of peace and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the east. The special status of Donbass will be "the answer to any question about Ukraine's compliance with the Minsk agreement" , she said. PS. Do you understand? Today chants in parliament and the amendment which was put on the DNI and LC is the "fulfillment of the Minsk Agreement." And now, just try to say that they do not perform Poroshenko. Accordingly, from the Russian Federation will continue to demand the surrender of the Donbas and passing the border, and in case of failure, will blame "in disrupting the Minsk Agreement." It is in fact not in hiding. In Novorossia fairly predictable responded by clowning. From the DNI answer came earlier in the day, the evening was marked by LC Carpenter. In the text, inter alia, states that Petro Poroshenko proposed amendment to the Constitution "have no relation to the implementation of the Minsk Agreement." "All participants in the negotiations well aware that Ukraine is obliged to provide special Donbas status. This right requires n. 3 Minsk Protocol of 05/09/14 and p. 11 Set-up of 12/02/15.These documents written verbatim: "special status." A Poroshenko said that in its amendments no special status, "- said Carpenter. In addition, Igor Carpenter mentioned the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to the Verkhovna Rada. "So it was of no avail, Ms. Nuland today biscuits to the Verkhovna Rada. Of the voting settlement not only help, but also alienate him - said the head of the LC. - We will work to enable Ukraine to guarantee a special status in the basic text of the Constitution, in it, as they say, the body. And not in any transitional arrangements. " According to the politician, the new Constitution of Ukraine should be specifically and clearly stated political privileges of Donbass. "On the less we shall never agree. Better war than the hype " - sums up Igor Carpenter. - zincPS. The case will be when both the war and fraud, which is not surprising, since the war is a way of cheating. Actually, after the chants in the Verkhovna Rada, near Donetsk in the evening immediately felt hot. "MAT 19:00 started with 120-mm mortar shelling Kiev, p. Oktyabrsky Airport. Artillery VSN at 19:30 and at 19:40 in the amount of six howitzers fired 18 mortar rounds at three ukrov batteries. As a result, the coming punitive left without support Art. 19:32 MAT attack with p.Peski position DNI Guard on duty traffic police attack to 19:37 p. Experimental Brigade in position "Somalia" Airport 19:37 the attack began as the position of battalion "Vostok" 19:49 mortar attack Kiev district (Tochmash) 20:20 Donetsk. Fight with mortars near Staromihaylovki. 20:30 Donetsk. Spartak Putilovka, Yasinovatskiy checkpoint under artillery fire from ukronatsistov positions from the direction of a thin, Avdeevka. 20:34 began mortar attack militia positions on the line between the defense and Krasnogorovka Staromihaylovkoy. at 20:36 at the same time began the attack by the n. of sand on the traffic police post.Since n. Experimental launch an attack on the airport and on n. Spartak. 20:49 mortar attack undergone suffering Kiev district (Avenue Partisan) 20:50 also been subjected to mortar fire n. Spartak objectives of these attacks is not clear. It mines lie far in the rear positions of the militia. " https: // VK. com / colonelcassad? W = wall11122 8080_39914% 2Fall - zinc PS2. Etc. As if someone tap Scroll to and raised online broadcast of hostilities in Cassad News 16 Chronicle of military events in New Russia for July 15 - results for July 15-16 - the situation in the DNI and for LC July 15-16, plus some important things. Igor Strelkov waiting in Chicago trelkova-zhdut-v-Sude-goroda-chikago.htm L - entitled to claim Strelkov. Some naive to think that it will not affect Russia. In fact, the accusations against Strelkova try used to hang fully responsible for the "Boeing" on Russia, brought under it as a stuffing in social networks and "independent investigation" and recognition of figures like Kurginyan or Khodakovsky that the militia was " Beech ". Under this business already mold Tribunal for "Boeing", with the obvious aim to legitimize Russia's responsibility. Putin today tried to operating on the Dutch, who poured into the press details of the report and that the main conclusion that Russia is to blame. More than confident that leaks from the Netherlands and a lawsuit for small, are links in one chain. Our arguments will be ignored of course, not to "Boeing" was shot down, then to objectively investigate. Poroshenko has called all opponents Tribunal for "Boeing" "responsible" for it. It is clear that the UN Security Council Russia will block these efforts, so that the topic simply pumped Tribunal for the subsequent media campaign against Russia.Well and small get. The EU will oppose any attempts to "Gazprom" to stop the transit of gas through Ukraine akruchivaet-gazpromu-ventil.html - Ukraine in this scheme only a tool, and the struggle against the "South Stream" and "Turkish Flow" only way to keep European Russia around this game. The parliament made ​​instrument of denunciation of the agreement with Russia on the Azov Sea. / 2015/55 a7ee809a7947900183f1e9 - itself based on what is happening in the Crimea and on the Azov Sea coast, and so it is not really working, so he always current realities is no longer responding. Kiev at one time appealed to the treaties on the Azov Sea, requiring the Kremlin to ask for the consent of Kiev construction of the bridge (rather than as to the de facto acknowledged that Crimea has already sailed). Kremlin same time pretending that agreed, but then spat on a dirty business, and gave the go-ahead to build a bridge without paying attention to Kiev. Right Sector set Poroshenko Pravoseki demanding the resignation Avakov and other trash, which they call "counter-revolution". In case of refusal traditionally threatened march on Kiev. I would put that Nuland Payette and in the coming days should razrulit conflict and no hike will not be. Avakov way may donate by throwing a dog a bone to put on a chain. Kolomoysky way sued in Ukraine, hoping against Poroshenko difficult for the situation to retain control of "Ukrnafta." Braving the Ukrainian mass media on the Russian-Georgian how about cross-border litigation staryyu dispersed oil to "the invasion of Russian troops" in Georgia. And separately about the rumors on the subject of distribution of Russian passports in the DNI and LC. That's when they start handing out, that's when it will be possible to discuss, yet it is a local issue documents unrecognized republics. Option with Russian passports can not be excluded if the Kremlin deems it necessary to speed up the process of building unrecognized states where the passport can serve as the basis for the legalization of the presence of Russian troops on the territory of the DNI and the LC in the form of military bases protecting compatriots. Talking about it is premature. And to end on a positive, which is always ready to give Ukrainian press. In the Ukrainian city of Debaltsevo, which in early 2015 was captured by self-proclaimed supporters of the People's Republic of Donetsk, will open the "reception of Putin."Reported "Debaltseve. Online », referring to the secretary of the local branch of the organization" Donetsk Republic "(DR) Tatiana Ochapovsky. Admissions Putin. In Debaltseve. In Debaltseve Carl !!!

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