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Poroshenko gives half of Donbass Russia

Poroshenko gives half of Donbass Russia

July 27, 2015, 00:00 
You Heard Nuland, Do You want to freeze this winter people?

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko signed a separate deal with the Kremlin - says the Kiev political analyst and economist Oleg Soskin. Bypassing the Ukrainian constitution Poroshenko agreed with the Russian authorities on the establishment of thirty-kilometer "buffer zone" along the border with the DNI, LC. According to Soskin, the Ukrainian state is thus deprived of a number of settlements - in particular, Mariupol, Shirokino, Volnovakha, Marinka, Lisichansk, Donetsk, Dzerzhinsk, Avdeevka, Happiness and the village of Lugansk.

Ukrainian expert says that the opening of the "buffer zone" - that other, as a voluntary alienation of Kiev much of the country in favor of "separatists Donbass". Consequences step taken by Peter Poroshenko, can be very unpredictable and fraught with serious problems. Soskin believes that threatened the very existence of the Ukrainian state: the creation of cross-border "buffer" will lead to disruption management Army and formations volunteers Nationalists.

"All patriotic war" will have to leave the front line and "go to Kiev to destroy the power of the symbiosis of oligarchic clans," - Oleg Soskin prophesies.

In general, there is a conspiracy families billionaires Poroshenko, Firtash, Medvedchuk and Pinchuk. For the president of Ukraine, this agreement can be fatal, - the expert said:

"Poroshenko, should understand that if Ukrainian combat troops will be withdrawn and the Russian horde begins to attack, the president and his team will be destroyed."

Meanwhile, another Ukrainian expert, the deputy of the Kyiv council Dmitry Gordon, believes that the delivery of Donbass at the mercy of the militia - just a lesser evil, to which the President of Ukraine had to accept. After the elections in the People's Republic in public administration of the country can come militia unit commanders, or local political leaders, such as Zakharchenko or Carpenter. The current electoral system is open to representatives of Ukrainian rebellious south-east, even the road to the Verkhovna Rada - warns expert.

"Why my country at the mercy of these people ?. Why in the parliament and local councils have to meet the bandits? "- Asks Gordon

Dmitry Gordon repeatedly called DNI and LC "fetters on the Ukrainian people", which should make haste to lose.

"Ukraine does not need the occupied Donbass. It shackles that bind the country. It is necessary to do, as Finland: it like a lizard, discarded in danger of the tail, cut off off disputed territory. And we should also be integrated into Europe without Donbass ", - the expert said.

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