Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Right Sector" declared: We have the right to shoot & kill for the interests of the "Right Sector"

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today at 9:30 am
"Right Sector" declared: We have the right to shoot and kill for the interests of the "Right Sector." 

This has been criticized for the needlessly arranged shooting in Mukachevo, as it is the tradition of revolutionaries - if the SS men and would take a little bit of money intervening in the smuggling scheme, the only for continuation of the "war of liberation". 

About this on his page on the social network said blogger combatant in the "Right Sector" in the Donbass, Elena Belozerskaya. "People You do not know the story. All the folk heroes of Robin Hood and Karmelyuka starting from whatever side you look, there were robbers. 

Yes, Robin Hood robbed of "bad" and helped "good". And the men who shot the SS - in small defenseless orphans? And what is spent everything, including financial resources 

PS - is not to win the War? "- Said Belozerskaya. She gives the example of what all the prominent historical figures to take money from the rich by force, that too could qualify as robbery . "Stalin and other Bolsheviks before came to power, robbed banks.OUN Bilas and Danylyshyn were hanged for having committed an armed raid on the post office to get the money for the OUN. Let me remind you that during such actions threaten, first of all, do not fall gunmen and their "roof", and ordinary civilians - postmen, cashiers, casual visitors. Do you know who the known raising money for their activities solely by legal means? Adolf Hitler. He was not robbed banks and mail, racketeers and the rich. He took money from sponsors, "- justifies the actions of the militants Belozerskaya" Right sector. "

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