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So what's the secret? The answer is simple, angry townspeople revolted, Donbass, will stand and win

So what's the secret?

June 30, 2015, 20:10 
So what's the secret?
Tomorrow, our agency is officially one year old. All this year we wrote and showed the "Battle of Donbass". We talk about the news and heroes, sometimes antiheroes. They showed the most common people, who were sitting in basements, standing in line, repeatedly rebuilt destroyed, but were never broken - did not run as planned invaders, not crawled on the belly, do not give up.
Against them: local militias, volunteers, most civilians unleashed a dirty war, clearing the tracing paper with the Serbian Krajina, but they survived. Against them the dirtiest arranged truce: under cover punitive "peacefully" continue to kill. Against them opened terrible information war: the best forces of the West were thrown, in order to prove that white - it's black, and vice versa, the best forces, which are often opposed by amateurs - activists like us.
Everything was done to Donbass "returned to Ukraine" and disappeared, and he was standing.
So what's the secret? Perhaps in the spirit of the steppe, which is often said Alexander "Varyag" of Russian spirit that says a resident of Donetsk in the "Summary militia": " Regarding the spirit of Donetsk.
Spirit, we, Russian, and stand strong as no nation, no city like no one on this planet! Russia is worth a thousand years and shows miracles of resistance, surviving Tatar yoke, 2 world wars and 3 revolutions.  We have twice stood on the edge of the abyss (1917 and 1991) and each time the rising giant!
Donetsk (today is the center of the fight for our future and, accordingly, and the center of the entire Russian world) - in the 21st century is the only European city - one million which destroys its same (former) country (Ukraine) ...
This state of Donetsk and cursed all Russian shelling ... no matter what. Of all types of weapons.Of all calibers of artillery. Everyday. Every hour. We are standing a year! No step has not retreated. We have gone through so much, that we are nothing more than can not be beat!Never, nobody! We ourselves decided. Have made ​​their choice! And we will by all means to defend it! "
Or maybe just have a train and went there to do but would not Donbass Ukraine, according to a resident of the same Donetsk: " For the interest of 2 pages visited Svidomo Ukrainians, with approximately the same audience as I have.
I do not horrified. He laughed. It's just aliens living with us in different galaxies. They did not give the report what is happening in the Donbas, not even close to represent our moods and desires.It zombies whose propaganda has consumed the remains of the mind! This rabid dogs, choked with hatred and dangerous for all the people around.
If before, when I was faced with ukropatriotami, I felt bad, from the hatred that came from them, but now I felt good - because these idiots can only get the donut hole, not Donbass.Donbass has been, is and will be Russian, never. I repeat - never, we will not submit to such a creation as a Ukrainian!
In general, they are also well profukali them left until the South-East, it is absolutely obvious. So let's not worry, Ukraine will create all the New Russia, just as it has lost the Donbass. Victory will be ours! "
Or maybe this girl Julia from Gorlovka, which is a couple of hours before the shelling of the city residents sang Hero Tsoevskuyu "Cuckoo":
She sang in the afternoon and in the evening they again threw the boys from the town of killers
So what's the secret? The answer is simple - a year ago, we were angry townspeople revolted Russian-speaking South-East of Ukraine, and today we - the people. We are not Russians and Ukrainians, we - Russian from the Donbass.
That is what the nations are born, not on orders from Washington - because there is not only the electorate in the race on the Maidan - so there is a managed herd. People born in pain and struggle, tempered like steel and Gorlovskaya people know who he is and for what it cost, it is not being driven to slaughter - for he knows that his life and that he may die.
And because he - Donbass, will stand and win. Why must win? Because we are the winners - is here: Donetsk and Lugansk, Gorlovka and Day, Yenakiyevo and Stakhanov until the Donbas will remember this, its no one put on his knees.
Nobody ever.
Ruslan Liapin, editor of the publishing news agency "New Russia"

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