Saturday, July 11, 2015

"The fighting continues in Mukachevo."

"The fighting continues in Mukachevo."

Poroshenko instructed Police to neutralize criminals in Mukachevo

11.07.15. Posted by journalists.

"The fighting continues in Mukachevo." Right Sector "called picketing the presidential administration in Kiev and declared mobilization. Reporting it appeared on the official website of the radical group. After the beginning of hostilities in Mukachevo Adventure" Right Sector "declared full mobilization and called all his supporters to picket the Presidential Administration in Kiev, Petro Poroshenko. "Full Mobilization! Today at 20:00 all activists and supporters of the "Right Sector" in Kiev, as well as all people of good freedom - under the Presidential Administration on Bankova, 11! ", - Said on the Internet resource nationalists.

Earlier, leaders of the "Right Sector" issued an ultimatum led Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ukrainians demanded the immediate arrest of the deputy public Lano and all police officers who opened fire on a group of soldiers in the Carpathians. Contrary to Arsen Avakov that the bandits blocked the Ukrainians from the right sector reported that they were able to break out of encirclement in Mukachevo security forces. Also, members of radical groups have voiced their losses as a result of the massacre in the city center. As previously reported LifeNews, in Mukachevo Transcarpathian region of Ukraine people in the balaclava, who introduced fighters "Right Sector", organized dismantling of a shooting.

According to Ukrainian media, the conflict with the militants entered people around the local People's Deputy Michael Lano, and later the security forces. The confrontation started in the sports complex "Antares" and the former club "Red Dragon." Later showdown continued in a different place - near Red Mountain on the highway Kyiv - Chop. For supporters of the deputy joined law enforcement officials and also participated in the shootout. Some publications reported that warring parties have used grenades, heavy machine gun "Utes-12.7" and grenade launchers.

The conflict broke out on the highway gas station and several cars. Ukrainian media reported that the nationalists tighten their reserves from different localities across the country, and local businessmen also join together to fight back. The security forces, in turn, called for reinforcements. Now the city and blocked roads are blocked, clashes continue.

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