Monday, July 6, 2015

The SBU named Odessa as primed for the first "separatism" action after the Donbass

The head of the SBU named Odessa as primed for the first "separatism" action after the Donbass
In the past few days, Kiev politicians had reasonable grounds to believe Odessa a "hot spot". In his speech, the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak I called the main "hot spots" in Ukraine, which are allegedly under the control of Moscow distributed "separatist." This, according to the Chairman of Ukrainian Security Service, the city of Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Kherson and Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. - We have the terrorists on the territory of localized areas ATO - said Vasily Gritsak. - But at the same time, separatism controlled by Moscow, spread to other regions of Ukraine. Note that in Odessa today, as if in confirmation to the head of the SBU, the building of the administration of the Odessa region there was a flag of the European Union. And one might think that this action of supporters of the Kiev authorities, if not for one thing - the EU flag on a flagpole placed by removing the flag of Ukraine. Today, YouTube users posted videos brawl ensuing in Odessa during the action against the new governor of the region Mikhail Saakashvili. On a local organization Antimaydana activists, demanding the resignation of the governor of the Odessa region, was attacked by unknown men in camouflage. - We are pursuing a simple goal: Odessa should have normal local governor, who will defend their interests, - outlined the reason for the protest organizer, one of the participants Antimaydana Michael Koshelev. Note that at the time the action was blocked by the movement of cars on the street Gaidar, where the unknown and attacked the activists. Recall,  May 2, 2014 Ukrainian nationalists and supporters of Maidanburned tent city Kulikovo where Odessans collected signatures for a referendum on the state status of the Russian language and the federalization of Ukraine. Protesters have taken refuge in the House of Trade Unions, but thugs surrounded and set fire to the building. As a result, killing 48 peopleAnd more than 200 injured. Kyiv authorities have not conducted a thorough investigation into the tragedy.

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