Monday, July 27, 2015

US can not "buy" Iran - Tehran is attracted to Russia and China

US can not "buy" Iran - Tehran is attracted to Russia and China 

July 27, 2015

By: Pepe Escobar

Photo: © AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin
Photo: © AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin
Washington did not get a new "vassal" in the face of Iran, says columnist Sputnik. He is confident that the exemption from sanctions and political independence of Tehran will destroy American "course for Asia" and will help to implement the Eurasian project of Beijing and Moscow.
Agreement "six" on Iran's nuclear program will lead to an important geopolitical shifts in Eurasia, says Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar in his column for Sputnik.
The analyst notes that the July 20 UN Security Council unanimously endorsed the Vienna agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, meaning the abolition of seven previous resolutions on sanctions against Tehran. A day later, a similar decision was made, and the European Union. Officially, various sanctions can be lifted within 90 days after the adoption of Security Council resolution, but Escobar believes that most of the restrictions imposed on Iran, the EU, the US and the UN, will be taken only at the beginning of 2016.
"Sooner or later, regardless of the efforts of the Israeli, Saudi and American neo-conservative lobbyists, the whole architecture of the sanctions, especially financial and banking, will be destroyed, and Iran will be open for business throughout Eurasia," - writes columnist.
Analysts believe that an independent and not integrated in Washington "imperialist scenario" of Southwest Asia Iran will prevent the United States to realize its "policy of Asia." And the position of the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, he said, will not change Tehran's policy in relation to the US government - says that Iran will choose other geopolitical course.
United States, in turn, have little incentive to Moscow, Beijing and Tehran have formed a "Eurasian trinity," and it highlights the recently published military strategy of the Pentagon - the number one issue for the national security of the United States is a strategic containment of Russia and China, said the journalist. Inclusion of Tehran in the Eurasian partnership (in particular through political and economic mechanisms of the SCO and BRICS) may cause Washington to take extreme measures, including military campaigns.
By Iran, according to Escobar, will be a combination of Eurasian integration, structured around the partnership between Russia and China, and the expansion of mutually beneficial trade cooperation with Europe. This policy echoes the original idea of ​​the Islamic Revolution - "neither the West nor the East."
"New vassal of the United States will not - they will not be able to buy it (Iran - approx. Ed.), So it is expected that the new bad" wall of mistrust "will be built before the old architecture disappears sanctions", - says the analyst.

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