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US tipped the fate of Soviet Russia? | Blog Komitet GosBez | Comte

US tipped the fate of Soviet Russia? | Blog Komitet GosBez | Comte
On the forecast of private intelligence and analytical company "Stratfor" for 2015-2025 years. 

In a sensational interview with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, "Kommersant", in which he said about the unacceptability of the West of Russia's existence, there is an interesting confirmation. According to the forecast of the "shadow CIA" - fund "Stratfor" for 2015-2025 years., The United States took as a basis "Soviet" model of Russian opposition, which has proved its effectiveness in the disintegration of the USSR. The key moment was the interview with N. Patrushev's statement on the strategic objectives, persecuted by the Americans during the Ukrainian crisis. When asked about why the main goal of the US is not Ukraine, and Russia, Secretary of the Russian Security Council said that "they really would like to see Russia not at all. As the country ... Because we have vast riches. The Americans think we own them illegally and unfairly, because, in their opinion, we do not use them the way they should enjoy. You probably remember the statement of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, that Russia does not belong to the Far East or Siberia. " After the interview with Madeleine Albright in a statement Russian liberal media was announced feykovye as find it can not be confirmed by the sources.But a number of public documents, published closely associated with the US authorities analytical structures, it speaks for itself. A special place among them is private intelligence-analyst firm Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor), whose clients are the Department of Homeland Security, US Marine Corps, as well as such major US defense corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. Outlook "Statfor" for 2015-2025. It indicates that the US plans to repeat the fate of Russia has disintegrated USSR. According to the report, the chances that Russia will be able to survive in its current form, are small, since the failure to transform the revenues from energy exports in a self-sustaining economy makes it vulnerable to the action of market forces. As a federation, the proceeds of which are distributed between the regions of Moscow, Russia in connection with the fall in oil prices will face a shortage of resources. As a result, it can repeat the experience of the Soviet Union of the 1980s and our own experience of the 1990s, when the possibility of the federal government to maintain national infrastructure declined. As a result of the economic ties between Moscow and the regions will be affected.Similar problems with the regions of Russia, according to analysts of "Stratfor", always solved with the help of the KGB, which today has replaced the FSB. However, economic problems similar to those in 1980, will reduce the possibility of secret services and fragmentation of the Russian Federation will, in the opinion of Americans, inevitable. In fact, "Stratfor" veiled outlined Unborn US plan to fight against Russia, the end result is it should be easing the transition for external control with the loss of much of the sovereignty. States say it openly, not wanting to incur charges of aggression can not. Therefore, resorting to such a form of presentation of their intentions, the forecast of private analytical structure, which can be blamed except only that she has overdone its findings. The report "Straftora" implies that during the confrontation with Russia US are adopting the same model that performed well during the collapse of the USSR. Its main components are economic problems that grew throughout the second half of the 1980s. and led to a sharp rise in discontent Soviet authorities, which failed to provide the basic needs of the population in food. Moreover, to create Russian economic problems Americans used the same mechanism as in the mid-1980s. - An informal arrangement with Saudi Arabia, triggering a sharp decline in oil prices, and as a consequence, as a sharp drop in revenues of the Russian budget. It's not surprising. The Americans are in accordance with the business logic, which built all of their thinking.Once successfully applied in business or politics model will be used as long as it will lose its effectiveness.This is confirmed by the technology of "color revolutions" has been fifteen years in the United States to effectively apply worldwide. According to this logic, Russia is seen as analogous to the Soviet Union, having the same national-state structure, the share of oil and gas export revenues in the budget and intelligence agencies allegedly support internal stability through repression. Therefore, in relation to it and uses the same technology impacts, which are not so long ago shown to be effective. The forecast also contains a plan of action at a time when, according to the calculations of Americans, the federal center lost the ability to control the region. That makes the plan Americans. Where possible, the border area will be brought under control explicitly or implicitly claiming their neighbors. Others maintain membership in an amorphous federation. In the West "abandoned" Russian regions, under which refers to Ukraine and Belarus, will seek to "return" Poland, Romania and Hungary. In the south of Russia will lose the ability to control the North Caucasus, and Central Asia will be destabilized. In the north-west Karelia will "strive to return" to Finland. The Russian Far East will be shared between China, the US and Japan as the location where the coastal regions much more closely connected with these countries than with Russia will "grow their own". Other areas will remain part of Russia, but Moscow would supervise their weak, and therefore "there will be a vacuum in the fragments of the Russian Federation." The main problem for the Americans, according to the "Stratfor", will be the control of the Russian nuclear arsenal. Despite that to solve this problem, the authors say the forecast can only be the United States, ready-made recipes to solve it they do not. As one of the options offered to try to implement the option to create "a stable and economically viable government in the regions involved in the neutralization of the missiles." It is clear that the implementation of this scenario is possible only in case of total loss of capacity by the federal authorities, and Russia itself - sovereignty, leading not only to a partial division of the country between the neighbors, but also the transition of the remaining territory under external control from the United States. Americans in this case will have an opportunity to do what they did not manage to complete in the 1990s. - To gain control of Russia's nuclear arsenal and begin chipping away. Thus, the United States will be able to reach, at last, their cherished goal - to disarm the world's only country which in the case of the outbreak of hostilities could inflict unacceptable damage. End geopolitical goals, and for which plans are being made ​​to mitigate the fragmentation and the virtual elimination of Russia, flash The report constantly. So, at the end of the section on Russia, said that the main issue of the first half of the decade 2015-2025 biennium. It will be how NATO will continue its expansion. According to the authors of the forecast, the alliance should enable Azerbaijan to get out to the Caspian Sea, although the reality of achieving these objectives will depend on the developments in the Middle East and, in particular, in Turkey. If you add the plans to separate the North Caucasus and the destabilization of Central Asia, the task of cutting off Russia from the Southern Seas, which give access to key sea lines of communication, it becomes very clear. Cut off from the sea and drove into the northern part of Eurasia, Russia will not pose a danger to the United States. The forecast of "Stratfor" remarkably echoes the goals that the coalition of Western powers pursued during the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Most clearly they were formulated by the Secretary Foreign Affairs Cabinet Minister Lord Palmerston: "Aland Islands and Finland returned to Sweden; Baltic region goes to Prussia; Kingdom of Poland should be restored as a barrier between Russia and Germany (not Prussia and Germany); Moldavia and Wallachia, and all the mouth of the Danube leaves Austria and Lombardy and Venice from Austria to the Kingdom of Sardinia; Crimea and the Caucasus, Russia and selected ceded to Turkey, with the Caucasus Cherkessia form a separate state in a vassal relationship with Turkey. " The same goals set and the French Emperor Napoleon III, who is usually credited with the line of opposition Palmerston: "I intend ... to make every effort to prevent the spread of your influence and force you to return to Asia, from where you came. Russia - is not a European country, it should not be and will not be alone if France does not forget about the role it should play in European history ... It is necessary to loosen your ties with Europe, and you alone start moving to the East, to re- turn to Asian countries. Deprive you of Finland, the Baltic lands, Poland and the Crimea will not be difficult. " It is easy to note that the forecast of "Stratfor" for the next decade is not a forecast, and statement of US objectives to maintain its dominant position in the world. And relate these goals, not only Russia but also other powers that can be for the US real or potential danger. For example, Germany, exporting half of its GDP, according to the report, faced with economic difficulties caused by the weakening of the EU and increasing protectionism on the part of member states. Moreover, the mechanism of its economic weakening by anti-Russian sanctions affecting the export sector and reduce the demand in other EU countries, in fact, is already running. The EU itself, maintaining a semblance of unity, splits into four zones: Western, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles. Significantly strengthen its position of Poland, which would be in a more favorable economic and demographic situation, and, in addition, be able to benefit from cooperation with the United States. The goals that put the Americans in this case are clear: to weaken Germany, which in the case of loss of control over Americans It can be potentially dangerous to its cooperation with Russia, and to strengthen Poland, which, being infected Russophobia, such a threat is not. The forecast clearly stated that Poland is the head of an anti-Russian coalition, which has a special role in the "development" of the western periphery of the Russian Federation, including Ukraine and Belarus. The mechanism of economic weakening is planned to apply with respect to China, economic growth is reduced and the cost of labor, which was the earlier of its main competitive advantage is increasing. As in Russia, the economic problems should lead to an increase in conflicts between the regions. Only reason they should not be a weakening of central control, and the growing gap in economic development between the more developed coastal and falls far short of their standard of living hinterland of China. The role of the external deterrent to China, as well as Poland to Russia, will play Japan. The reasons for this lie again on the surface. Unlike mainland China, which has been actively reorient its infrastructure on energy imports from Russia and Central Asian countries, Japan, most of them still buys in South-East Asia and the Gulf region. It makes the country vulnerable to the rising sun US, which, possessing powerful naval forces, have the opportunity at any time to block the supply of oil, putting the Japanese economy to its knees. So, again, in fact, the report "Strafora" looks are not a forecast, but Plan to preserve US influence in the world in conditions where it is clearly on the decline. Recognizing the inevitability of reducing its role on the world stage, the Americans, like people with a very practical turn of mind, thinking about how to minimize the losses, turning the situation to its own advantage aside. Sow chaos in the Middle East with the help of the IG and the most complicated relations between Russia and the EU with the help of the Ukrainian crisis, they expect to remain the "leading political, economic and military power in the world, less involved in world affairs than in the past." The main aim in this case, apparently, is that over the next decade, when the power of the United States weakened, has not appeared in Eurasia state capable to fill the departure of the Americans after the geopolitical vacuum. Especially for Century Alexander Shustov Komitet GosBez3 Let us all, and punish iChecker Subscribe This material is published in our own community of users on the basis of the current edition of the User Agreement . If you feel that this publication violate your copyrights and / or related rights, you should report it to the administration website. Violations will be eliminated as soon as possible, those responsible punished.

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