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APU prepare Ukraine for revenge

APU prepare Ukraine for revenge

Such losses for APU - almost the norm.  Medical service is running at maximum capacity  August 27, 2015, 17:45
Photo: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters
Text: Evgeny Krutikov

Press officer of the sector "M" force accused of shelling Ukrainian DNI position, from which the APU suffered "very serious losses." This is a new word in the Ukrainian propaganda: first loss were carefully hidden, but now dramatically accentuated. One would think that the meaning of this - the failure of the talks in Minsk. But, most of all, Ukraine is simply preparing for revenge - for an attack on the DNI.

Overnight at large sectors of the front continued  local artillery  duels, and Telmanovskiy area and Marinka near Donetsk was even shooting a fight.Skirmishes took place on the north-western area, where the village was subjected to shelling and Spartak region Donetsk airport. To speak of a sharp increase in the intensity of the clashes was the night from Wednesday to Thursday it is not necessary, then the representatives of the APU is obviously exaggerated. The intensity of the clashes in waves changes the last two weeks from night to night, that in fact nothing suggests. This is only a set of coincidences, a variety of objective and subjective factors.

"Colonel Chepurnoy colorfully told that" the handwriting is that militants are firing, is very similar to writing a professional Russian army "
Front remains stable, making it possible to continue the talks in Minsk, despite their apparent meaninglessness. At the same time a few days ago of the BCH defeated a strong fortified APU called "Facade" in the village of Happiness at Lugansk. It was located on the north, "Ukrainian" the bank of the Seversky Donets River - the natural frontline. Ukrainian Part of the 24th Brigade just ran away, and the "Front" with its concrete fortifications stood empty for almost a day. Lugantsy could just take it by creating their future perfect bridgehead across the river, but were stopped by the political shout. Exactly the same story with the same curtain that night happened with one of the former Ukrainian license checkpoints on Bakhmutskaya track.
Including why the sudden hysteria in the sector "M" is quite interesting.Responsible persons Ukrainian consistently confused in the testimony. Press officer of the sector "M" Yaroslav Chepurnoy from which it all started, reported six soldiers killed in the district of Mariupol. One by Starognatovkoy, five - Prokhorovka. But to put it mildly, is not "in the area of ​​Mariupol".

Thus the representative of the presidential administration of Ukraine on anti-terrorist operation (there is such a position) Alexander Motuzyanik said seven of the dead and thirteen wounded. With Motuzyanikom not clear whether he was speaking only about the situation around Mariupol or even across the front. But it was he who first used the phrase "the greatest losses," saying, among Mariupol, also about the heavy combat in Marinka.

In turn, the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios says the unprecedented increase in the number of non-combat losses in the MAT - the year they have grown by 50 times. According Matios, a consequence of a sharp drop in discipline. Drinking and rowdy. And besides, that night subordinates Matios in Mariupol storm seized the building on the outskirts of the city of Taganrog on the street that the battalion "Azov" used as a storage and repair facilities."Azov" had resisted, there was a small friendly skirmish. In general, "prosecutor" and "Azov" cling to each other for two months, since the representatives dobrbata tried to block the streets in Mariupol, in protest against the demilitarization Shirokino.Why not share this time in the warehouse - a mystery.

Between times, we note that the figures voiced by officials there is nothing critical or supernatural. Such losses for APU - almost the norm. Medical service is running at maximum capacity, and in some places without the volunteers did not cope. Major medical institutions, such as Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital has long operated in the "supernumerary mode," that is, with additional beds, exposed in the corridors. Doctors openly and loudly cry for help do not have enough medicines, food, even transport. A stream of wounded has not stopped for a single day. So there is nothing fundamentally new officials were reported.

Another thing is that before the APU and other structures are not eager to advertise their losses, besides applying to them the epithets of exaggeration and dramatization. As mentioned above, the artillery duel going on for nearly two weeks. APU is, in most cases they lose. The reasons for this subjective. I do not understand how and what is taught now accelerated courses Ukrainian artillery, but with a boyish enthusiasm constantly striving to make two or even three volleys in a row, and with the help of fire spotter. That is, in the very moment when world military law of survival "shot-bounced" must quickly ticking with the illuminated position, these people are beginning to talk loudly on the radio, adjust the range finders and turn the guns, which are also forget to fix on the ground.

Hence, the daily and nightly losses. And when the "flies", starts whining. And now Lieutenant Colonel Chepurnoy colorfully told that "the handwriting is that militants are firing, is very similar to writing a professional Russian army."What is missing is an order signed by Putin and Shoigu personally, but if it is necessary - and to concoct such an order, and handwriting Chepurnoy confirm its authenticity. It is difficult to resist the emotion and not to exclaim something like "you should be able to fight and not to complain about Russian". In Georgia, for example, we have  managed to convince myself  that against them, all the Russian army since January 1991 fought continuously until Ossetians sat at the table, drinking coffee and Abkhazians on the waterfront.

There is no reason to think that Lieutenant Colonel Chepurnoy in daily communication with media Mariupol parochial consciously wanted to time the story of the "big loss" and "Russian handwriting" to the talks in Minsk. Most likely, forcing the atmosphere with the help of sound loss and apocalyptic comments - this is a new trend propaganda APU. Focusing on losses is always preceded by tough actions because people are mentally prepared for revenge. Yes, we can not say that the war in the New Russia goes for the rest of Ukraine "quietly." The general background of the media exclusively military. But no one bothers him even more "warm up."At the talks in Minsk themselves such statements do not affect in any way.

Discussions in "commissions" are conducted by people who understand the real situation and not pay attention to such "reports". At the same time, the general background is created deliberately.During these intense two weeks of the Ukrainian side regularly voiced amount of ceasefire violations, which are attributed exclusively BCH. All this is often accompanied by the farmhouse or outright fakes comments like "handwriting" Chepurnov name. He, by the way, and said the "stratagem" VSN: they say, as a shot, just ask for a truce, and we do not have time to answer. I would like to ask and learn how to reload in ten seconds did not try?

All this would be interesting from the point of view of clumsy propaganda, which, sadly, great fires, falling on the minds of a large part of the Ukrainians.But the general trend is to stir up tension and the establishment of pre-war sentiment, "the motivation of revenge" is visible to the naked eye. And this is alarming.

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