Saturday, August 15, 2015

Evidence from a resident Ukrainian side fired heavy weapons shelling peaceful settlements

Reports from the militia of New Russia
15.08.15. (Translated from Russian)
Evidence from a resident of Mariupol. 

"It happened that yesterday I saw everything. I spent the night away from home, and the "East", in an apartment located on the top floor, with windows that perfectly faced clearly the checkpoint, and the surroundings. In short, I just lucky. I can tell as it was. Even at seven o'clock in the evening was quiet (this was before, I will not say, because I am in the office with the windows closed was sitting in a noisy gym time spent, ie no outside noise did not notice). And I arrived in the evening on the "East", we sat down to drink tea, and it began ... The first Ukrainian side opened fire.

Oh, "outgoing" from the "incoming" we are different. The more that I saw with my own eyes how to shoot guns from landing that Ukrainian outpost in the area. The caliber such that tossed me on a stool. And about a concrete strip no matter how fired Grad, because we heard the long series of powerful volleys from that direction. I called my colleague (he was there with tarmac next lives) - confirmed that the technique was difficult, and, in general, they have there is very noisy and stinks of burning, so the children in any case moved to the basement.

I do not know who, but we were confident that in Mariupol is about to arrive otvetka. Do not arrived. Why do you think? It turns out that the APU on their Lebedinsky and water (we call them, and Swan Vodin) Lupeni almost until dawn, and we were quick to report that the terrorists were firing. Meanwhile, any Lebedinsky or in the water DNI was not there. I'm in the water right now is a familiar pensioner. You may remember, last year he was walking out virtually under fire waded in Mariupol, then the whole summer to get to his dacha could not.

It was his at the checkpoint and chicken wrapped with a relative was not allowed to take. A week ago, he was at the dacha finally came, decided to stay ten days, to gather apples, well cleaned. Now, sitting in the basement. Dial. Reported the situation, he said that the city, like the last time, do not go. Given the above, I believe that the previous evening and night Ukrainian side fired heavy weapons peaceful villages.

Probably there (to the north, under Staroignatovkoy) and has been a full-fledged battle. But I even extreme floor so far to see was a call - alas! - No one .. Immediately under Mariupol was banal shelling peaceful settlements by the Ukrainian side. Who's the enemy of trendel DRG, drive the Ukrainian side and fired their same community? Continue to believe in it. And it will be difficult to convince me, because I saw it all. And not just me. By the way, "I not only" have seen more, but let they tell. "


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