Saturday, August 15, 2015

Media: The Pentagon has acknowledged that it is not ready for war with Russia

Media: The Pentagon has acknowledged that it is not ready for war with Russia

According to the US military, after exhausting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has enough power to for a long time to stand up to Russia when the tension between the two countries will result in a direct conflict, writes The Daily Beast.

MOSCOW, August 14 - RIA Novosti . The United States is not prepared for a long campaign against Russia, writes The Daily Beast. The journalists said an anonymous source in the Pentagon.

"The US military has made calculations regarding the long military conflict with Moscow, and the American side, they do not bode well," - said the Internet edition.

From the point of view of many of the US military after 15 years of struggle against terrorism, American ground forces were ill-prepared for a possible military conflict with Russia in terms of logistics and personnel strength.

"Is it likely that we would have won Russia? Yes, but it would have been started up all the strength that we have. We are not ready for this to the extent that we would like," - said one of the representatives of the Pentagon The Daily Beast .

Another representative of the department, in turn, said that one of the US military conducted tabletop exercises showed that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq have exhausted the US ability to conduct long-term hostilities.

The Daily Beast hastens to emphasize that the US Army is still superior to Russia on a number of parameters. However, these advantages "there is a limit". For example, the United States will not only trust in pilots and aircraft harassed Limited maintainability, but may need to throw reconnaissance drones from other zones of conflict, in which they participate.

"Against such an opponent, like Russia, we can not dominate in the air at a level that we are after the September 11 attacks took for granted," - said one of the representatives of the Pentagon.

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