Thursday, August 20, 2015

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations 36th of its kind Aid Convoy & 1Yr. Anniversary

A column of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the 36th of its kind, arrived in New Russia


The DNI KAMAZ trucks arrived at the warehouse in Makeyevka in the LC - to a fairground in the city's center.

More than 40 cars were delivered to the Lugansk 511 tons of humanitarian cargo. Including 20 tons of canned fish, 60 tons - of meat, 95 tons of sugar, 200 kg of tea, 50 tons of canned milk, 75 tons of rye flour and 60 tons - of wheat, 16 tons of semolina, 130 tons of pasta, 5 tons of vegetable oil .

Before sending a column in the Donbas a rescue center EMERCOM of Russia held a planned technical inspection of its supply equipment, and servicing of the replacement of essential supplies. With drivers, lifeguards conducted additional training on safety and driving in extreme conditions. 

"The structure of the column includes medical and technical personnel to provide timely assistance to the road drivers and staff accompanying the goods", - by the Ministry for Emergencies.

Recall from the middle of August 2014 columns EMERCOM of Russia in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic delivered about 43 tons of humanitarian supplies for different purposes.

Note that the first convoy arrived in the DNI and the LC exactly one year ago today, August 20, 2014.Therefore, in honor of the anniversary in Lugansk convoy greeted with celebration and festivities.

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