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The American armed conflict in Ukraine, officers of the West die regularly (PHOTOS)

The American armed conflict in Ukraine, officers of the West die regularly (PHOTOS)

 American blogger Steven Laak analyzed messages at public forums and came to the conclusion that in Ukraine are fighting not only foreign mercenaries and military personnel from a number of Western countries. In combat, they are given Ukrainian documents, and in the case of the death of trying to get rid of the bodies, he wrote on his page Doubting Steven.
  Worse than war, such a war, in which truth is sacrificed propaganda goals of the warring parties, writes the American blogger Steven Laak in his blog Doubting Steven.
  The armed conflict in Ukraine fall into this category, he said. A number of foreigners who participated in the war in the Donbass, and answered questions on the forum Much of their evidence is contrary to official reports about military operations in Ukraine and therefore censored. However, forum post, you can draw conclusions about the level of involvement of Western countries in the civil war in Ukraine, writes Doubting Steven.
  One of the key moments was the testimony of a reservist and National Guard veteran Swedish battalion "Azov" under the name Sinkomies, who confirmed that the Ukrainian volunteer units serve as officers of officers and agents of the secret services of European countries. Among them are employees of the State Security Service of Sweden, which is native to the same forum have reported that they can not contact them in Ukraine.
  Kiev is also supported by officers from Poland and the Baltic countries - at least three of them have been identified by name, said the author of the blog. Officially, the activities of foreign officers on the territory of Ukraine shall be responsible Counterintelligence Security Service of Ukraine. However, as emphasized by an Italian party to hostilities in his interview with Corriere della Sera, is "people that can not speak."
   Apparently, writes Doubting Steven, most foreigners in Ukraine - mercenaries, for whom war - is work. However, there are those who are willing in certain circumstances to work without remuneration.

   And, as reported by the forum participants in personal correspondence, some foreign fighters give Ukrainian documents and insignia. In case of death, they thus find themselves under the control of Kiev and to find out something about them is extremely difficult, stresses Doubting Steven.Allegedly, there were known cases of "friendly fire" from the Ukrainian troops in those cases where foreigners could be captured.
  About the Ukrainians themselves and their state of the art Swedish veterans "Azov" speak disparagingly. They do not even distinguish between Russian and Ukrainians alike, and drink a lot, they say, create a "complete mess Slavic" on both sides of the front, said the blogger.
   In regard to the general perception of the conflict, all the representatives of the Western countries in the Donbass are unanimous that protect not only Ukraine, but in the whole of Western civilization, concludes Doubting Steven. Hence, there are parallels quickly to the Middle East. "The idea is to add fuel to the fire in the war in remote areas of the house," - the author notes.
   This position may well fit into the agenda of the West, said Laak, but combatants in Ukraine or in the Middle East are returning home, armed with such radical ideologies.

 Swedish experience indicates a close relationship between the Ukrainian conflict and many modern terrorists, that suggests that the "export" of the far-right nationalism with Ukraine is no less dangerous than radical Islam, says Doubting Steven.
  Europeans and Americans who fought in the Donbass, have all the necessary skills to their countries and to continue the war "in defense of Western civilization."

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