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Ukrainian government illegally removed 391 children / 80 children who have parents

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Ukrainian government illegally removed 391 children / 80 children who have parentsUkrainian government betrayed the adoption of ten children who are at the beginning of hostilities in the Donbas illegally removed from the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk.
said today Adviser to the Head DNI child rights Ian Chepikova. "When the fighting broke out in Donbas, Ukraine's social services illegally removed from children's homes and boarding schools 391 children, of which more than 80 children who have parents. According to my information, 10 children have already given up for adoption.

We fight to bring back the children home, "- said the Ombudsman. According to her, the issue of the return of the territory illegally exported DNI children have twice raised at the meeting of Sub-Working Group on Humanitarian Affairs in Minsk. "We will continue to actively conduct these negotiations. I hope we can get through to Kiev and to solve this issue ", - summarized Chepikova. Earlier, on August 4, she told DAN that reports of illegal adoptions which began began to come from the parents of children taken out of the DNI.

News New Russia: unknown weapon, stealing children, bloody toys for OSCE


News of New Russia, August 6. Civilians shamed the OSCE, the fate of the children of Donbass in Ukraine, unknown weapon destroyed the factory on the outskirts of Donetsk.

Donetsk children want to distribute in Ukraine

Children who have taken out with violations of the law of Ukraine on the DNI, will be ready for adoption. According to the Children's Ombudsman of the Republic Jana Chepikova children who plan to adopt, most of them are not orphans - they have parents in the DNI.
Total Ukraine exported from the territory of the republic, and held 476 children. The question of their fate will be raised at a meeting of the authorities of the DNI humanitarian mission in Minsk. In addition, local human rights activists are hoping that they will come to contact Ombudsman for children in Ukraine.

Football match - for each inhabitant of Donbass

Footballers DNI and LC will hold the first exhibition match in Donetsk. In both republics would go a television broadcast of the match, as the head of the Ministry of Sport, Donetsk republic Mikhail Mishin .
"It is necessary to contact the Luhansk channels and talk to them about a broadcast in the LC. Placing we take, "- said the Minister. In the most DNI see the match will be on the "First Republic" channel, with regard to the Republic of Lugansk, clarity ether yet. However, local TV crew planned to show the game.
"If the Donetsk TV will take pictures of the TCP (OB vehicles), then we will take them and carry out recording in the recording broadcast on our channel," - said the representative of the channel "Lugansk 24".
The game will be held at the Donetsk stadium "Metallurg".

"Shoot childhood"

In Lugansk Rally memory "shot his childhood." Students, teachers came to school №39, in the past year has fallen by a number of serious attacks. Twice a building shells fell, first destroying the gymnasium, then - one of the rooms on the second floor. "Shoot childhood" - a silent campaign: the participants honored the memory of the victims, and then rang the school bell.
"Today's action - our protest in Minsk against violations of agreements against the continuing attacks on settlements and LC DNI" - said at a meeting of the deputy head of the city administration Antonina Kuzmenko .
Approaching the new school year, students of the school №39 will hold in the next school, and in 2016 the authorities expect to renovate the building.

Donetsk residents want the truth from the OSCE

Under the windows of the hotel rooms "Park Inn", which reside in the Donetsk representatives of the international mission of the OSCE, this morning held a protest. About 200 people of Donetsk, holding banners saying "It's time to open your eyes," Enough Silence "," Your silence is killing children ", demanded that the OSCE" to speak the truth. "
Fit-to-door tank with red paint, Protestants poured it on the pavement and drowned in paint children's toys.Similarly, residents of Donetsk tried to convey to the staff of the mission, it is their duty - to tell the world what is really happening in the Donbas.
Left to Donetsk residents OSCE officials promised that they would "speak the truth", after which the action was over.

APU used unknown weapon

On the eve of the APU destroyed the treasury department of the plant products, located on the outskirts of Donetsk. Correspondents say "News Front" who were present at the scene, the building razed to the ground, melted and concrete reinforcement. Killing two and two more wounded. Voenkory assume that we are talking about weapons of mass destruction.

"This may not be a howitzer, can not be" Grad "is a very powerful ammunition, which has developed the old Soviet concrete building entirely", - told Tanai Cholhanov , adding that the use of such weapons - exactly the "end Minsk Agreement. "

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