Friday, September 4, 2015

Nazi Battalion "Azov" will one way or another still receive US funding.

Battalion "Azov" one way or another will receive US funding. 

Ukrainian volunteer battalion "Azov", as well as other formations, using neo-Nazi symbolism, it will 
still receive the funds allocated by the United States government in Kiev as an aid. This opinion was expressed director of the North American Center for the Study of Globalization, Professor of Economics Michael Chudowsky. 

He reminded that Washington "supports the coalition government (Ukraine) from the outset", reports Tass. "As the battalion" Azov ", it is part of the National Guard, and the National Guard under is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs" - said Chudowsky. "If you render assistance to the governmental structure in the form of money or advisers, and so on - that the money will be transferred Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence. And then, of course, the Ministry may dispose of them at its discretion. This is a funding mechanism, "- said the expert. 

The interlocutor of agency also pointed out that the battalion" Azov "and several other groups are using Nazi uniforms and symbols. However, the greatest outrage he caused the creation of a summer camp, where children of all ages were an army training. "It was the initiative of" Azov ", which was sponsored by the government, because the battalion is under the patronage of the authorities. They're not doing it for free, "- said Chudowsky. In his opinion, it is a little on the recruitment of children. "These shocking footage. In fact, they are trained to hate the Russian. 

This is even more criminal, than a war, "- said the expert, noting that the issue should be discussed in the framework of the UN Security Council. Earlier, US House of Representatives passed a bill on the allocation of the Pentagon appropriations for the next fiscal year. It proposes to allocate $ 200 million on "training, provision of equipment, arms of a defensive character, logistical support, supply" of the Ukrainian army. In the text of the amendment was included prohibiting spend money on training soldiers "Azov". 

As confirmed by the correspondent. TASS the head committee of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Mac Thornberry, the Ukrainian government will spend these funds "to defend their territory." The so-called volunteer battalions participate actively in hostilities in the Donbass. Thus, according to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and international observers, representatives of the battalion involved in numerous crimes in the conflict zone, as well as peaceful areas of the country. On their account - kidnapping, illegal arrests, beatings, robberies, murders of civilians. After a series of high-profile crimes of the battalion was disbanded, while others came to the Ministry of Defense. "

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