Thursday, September 17, 2015

Stratfor: Russia - peacemaker, not a party to the conflict in Syria

Stratfor: Russia - peacemaker, not a party to the conflict in Syria
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Russia maintains relations with Syrian President Bashar Assad and will use these contacts for establishing the negotiation process, about any military action by the Russian Federation in Syria can not speak, I am convinced a military analyst at Stratfor Sim Tak. The real reason Russia's involvement in what is happening in Syria is not necessarily lie in military planes actually the main interest of Moscow is to facilitate the negotiation process, said military analyst Stratfor Sim Tak. "Since Russia has established relations with Assad (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - approx. Ed.), it is trying to establish a trusting relationship with the regime. In fact, Russia can use this to engage Assad in talks with representatives of the rebels likely, which could lead to resolution of the conflict ", - the analyst believes. According to Sima Tak, Russia's involvement in conflict resolution, most likely, will not change the front line. Now part of the Russian Federation is very limited. As analysts say, Russia sends military equipment to Syria, consultants to support Bashar al-Assad, and it is possible that will air base. Russia is not located in the region large ground units that could carry out serious operations against the militants return territories "Islamic State" (IG) or the rebels, said the expert Stratfor. Russia may face two obstacles in trying to establish a negotiation process. On the one hand, Moscow would like to leave to Syria Bashar al-Assad, but the other negotiating parties may declare that they will not work with Assad. On the other hand, groups of armed rebels in Syria is extremely scattered. The opposition has no single center, whose representatives could participate in the talks with the Syrian president, and because dialogue can not take place. As long as the rebels do not unite, or until one of the groups will not represent all of them, it is impossible to start negotiations on the solution of the Syrian conflict, sure Sim Tak.

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