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The choice is made: now how will the United States "organize" a coalition against anyone ?..

The choice is made: now how will the United States "organize" a coalition against anyone ?..

03.09.2015 2:32
United States to determine your own destiny. At a critical time for them, they are alone, abandoned by their "allies", just as they are constantly throwing their allies to the curb

A few years ago, in 2008, we have clearly seen the inevitability of the coming confrontation between the US and China. Rapidly growing Asian "Challenger" (a contender for the title in boxing) and a permanently stagnant US are not able to come to terms with the gradual loss of global dominance.

It was funny to read recently of a US economic analyst who gloated that last year China's GDP showed growth below 7%. US have long pointed to a rise of 1-2% maximum, and then mainly due to the manipulation of statistics.

The data is for the consumption of steel, cement and electricity, as well as the low level of employment in the manufacturing sector show that any growth in the United States is not, and is fairly noticeable drop, offset to the last time the robbery of the colonies.

As I always like to quote, "Trying to escape his destiny, we often unwittingly approximate it. "This expression is essentially true of the United States.

While the US sprayed their efforts and resources on the planet, trying to keep the dominance everywhere - in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Syria, and Libya, and Georgia, and in many other places (instead of being engaged in the development of its own economy ), China has focused on internal growth. At the same time actively integrating the economy of the neighbors, creating them thousands of commercial, industrial, logistics, investment and other ties.

And when Obama spent more than six months, driving around to neighbors China and trying to create a hostile Beijing Union that intended by US strategists had to encircle the Celestial Empire, and slowly strangle it, it's absolutely nothing happened. Just because he was not able to offer them nothing more attractive in comparison with what they already offered China - who railways and ports, to whom power who invest in mines or production. After all, in most of the world's elites,  they are not ready to fall for the cookies, as happened in Ukraine.

Again, the actions of the USA have repelled or even killed their own allies in many different regions. They have set themselves against Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, is now doing the same with Israel are losing influence in Turkey. His long time ally of Saddam Hussein even made a scapegoat and hung up, creating a lot of problems themselves.

Then, in 2008, we had a series of debates on the subject of the unfolding geopolitical confrontation USA-China, and most experts believe that Russia has not yet decided which side to stand in this confrontation.

And the United States did everything to chose Russia to China. In the first place, rather than to make an attractive offer he can not refuse (in other words, try to bribe one way or another), the State Department began to attempt to "bend" the Russian leadership. And a few people like (except Lyashko, of course). Come all there arrivals for lack of democracy, intrigue at borders and other aggressive attacks.

Second, attempts to install missile defense systems in Europe, close to the Russian border. No brainer that this deployment was directed explicitly against Iran.

Third, inspired by the US Georgian aggression in Tskhinvali. Trying to destroy the Russian peacekeepers with an official mandate of the United Nations - it was against all rules and regulations.

Fourth, aggressive behavior, or even outright attacks on recognized Russia's allies - Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Libya, attempts a coup in Belarus - all this formed a kind of "club of those who do not like the American intervention in their internal affairs."

Fifth, NATO's eastward expansion.

Then added to the list coup in Ukraine, sanctions, attempts to hang on Russia downed APU "Boeing" and assign to it the invasion of the Ukraine, and other aggressive actions of the past two years.

But in general, and the United States before all their actions were pushing Russia to a choice in favor of China, to join the anti-imperialist coalition.

And when this year's May 9 Russia celebrated Victory Day, the Americans did not come. But come the Chinese. And so on September 2, Putin arrived at the parade in Beijing, finally securing the alliance.

United States are determined to choose their own destiny. And at a critical time for them, they are alone, abandoned by their "allies", just as they are constantly throwing their allies  to the curb.
Obama's #EU Whores

Alexander Rogers

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