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NATO’s WAR GAME FAIL! biggest war games in 13 years in Portugal, an embarrassment



NATO soldiers attend a NATO military exercise at Raposa beach, near Setubal, Portugal. © Rafael Marchante / Reuters
NATO soldiers attend a NATO military exercise at Raposa beach, near Setubal, Portugal. © Rafael Marchante / Reuters
NATO’s biggest war games in 13 years show a real strange of the NATO military in Portugal last week. Hovercrafts and Humvees just embarrassingly got stuck in the sand.
NATO representatives stated that the experience was a positive one for the troops involved (lol).
Later the same day...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The #Ukraine interior Ministry has received 470 reports of bribery of voters in Kiev

The interior Ministry reported on violations, and in Sumy found the alternative to cubicles

 Sergei Yarovoy.

The interior Ministry reported on violations, and in Sumy found the alternative to cubicles
Kiev, October 25.
The interior Ministry has received 470 reports of events associated with the electoral process. 54 reports of bribery of voters is checked.
In particular, in Kiev, recorded 15 cases in Poltava region – nine, in the Transcarpathian – eight, in Odessa – six, in Chernihiv – four, in Donetsk, Kyiv and Cherkasy oblasts – two. This was reported by Deputy interior Minister Sergei Yarovoy.
According to him, five cases were instituted criminal proceedings. In particular, article 158 part one (illegal use of election bulletins), and article 357 part one (theft, appropriation, extortion of documents, stamps, seals and taking them by fraud).
In the Uniform accounting of the crime have been made five reports of damage to the voters of their ballots. In addition, there are two messages about mining of the polling stations in Khmelnitsky and Luhansk regions. In some regions of the precinct Commission opened late. A total of 87. The lack of a sufficient number of voting booths and the availability of ballots caused the delay.
In Kramatorsk journalists of the Donetsk regional TV and radio company, which the settlers gave the alternative vote. They were denied the right to vote in local elections. The purpose of this flash mob is to draw attention to the existing problem. In Ukraine, the status of the immigrant has received 1.5 million, which the state has not provided the right to participate in elections.
To participate in the vote were invited by journalists who have moved to Kramatorsk from the ATO zone, as well as all immigrants who want to participate in the elections. "Polling station" was opened in the office of the broadcasting company, worked "electoral Commission" and "observers".
In the Palace of culture "Chemist", which in Sumy, polling station No. 590919 solved the problem of the lack of booths. People just voted for a stretched curtain. About this on his page in Facebook wrote journalist SumiOlesya Borovik, adding to post related pictures from a polling station.
In Sumy found the alternative booths (photo from Facebook)
In Sumy found the alternative booths (photo from Facebook)

Syria - The True Story, Full Documentary (Video) Plus JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Syria - The True Story,Full Documentary 

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Tony Blair: #ISIL has arisen because of the U.S. invasion of #Iraq we helped lie about

Tony Blair: #ISIL has arisen because of the U.S. invasion of #Iraq we helped lie about
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that the invasion of Iraq, coalition forces led by the United States was the main cause of the “Islamic state”. During the interview with CNN, Blair apologized for the mistakes and intelligence failures in the planning of a military operation in 2003.
“In my opinion, this is the truth. Of course, we cannot say that those who overthrew Saddam Hussein in 2003, are not responsible for the current situation,” admitted Tony Blair.
Former British Prime Minister apologized for mistakes made by the intelligence services of the countries of the coalition and the consequences of unsuccessful military invasion of Iraq.
“I apologize for the fact that the intelligence was wrong. Also, I apologize for some mistakes in the planning and, of course, our mistake in understanding what happens after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein,” said Blair.
Coalition forces led by the United States and great Britain in the spring of 2003 invaded Iraq as part of operation Iraqi freedom to overthrow Saddam Hussein. According to expert estimates, the victims of the Iraq war was about half a million people in the country
"We knew all along there were no weapons of mass destruction", said Blair.
"I will surely rot in Hell for this", he added.

Fuck you Blair you Traitor

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US media gnashes its teeth over Putin's success as a real world leader

US media gnashes its teeth over Putin's success as a real world leader

© AFP 2015/ Louai Beshara
With President Putin's approval rating hitting a new high of 89.9 percent, despairing US media outlets are furiously digging up new ways to try and bring Russia down a peg or two; witness the new, frankly insulting, attempt by the American Interest magazine.

American media seems to be tired of waiting for Russia and President Putin to make mistakes in the international arena. Meanwhile, Russia's success in Syria is seemingly stirring ill feeling in many media outlets.

Jeffrey Gedmin, a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue has issued instructions on how to cope with Russia. However, intelligent dialogue is clearly not what the political analyst is calling for.

"If we're lucky, Russian forces in Syria will meet a similar fate as the Soviets in Afghanistan. But it's also urgent we regroup from the shambles that is the Obama Administration's foreign policy," he writes in his article in The American Interest magazine.

Having laid out America's suggested "larger aims," the author pitched upon "a key problem at hand," which, unsurprisingly, tuned out to be President Putin.

"We must end the insidious cycle whereby Russian President Vladimir Putin acts and we scramble to react. Playing whack-a-mole siphons precious resources and chips away at our reputation as a world leader," he declares.

Backing up his argument with the declared purpose of "a Europe whole and free, with a strong NATO and a stable, prosperous European Union. In the Middle East — current chaos notwithstanding — we want American primacy (not hegemony) in order to protect our economic and security interests and, where and when possible, to advance the cause of democracy and human rights," the author blames President Putin for America's failure to achieve these goals.

"In both cases, Putin — a cunning opportunist and master of playing a weak hand strongly — has become far more than a mere annoyance. Putin wants to build Russia up by cutting America down. He needs his comeuppance. We need a strategy to contain him, and to prepare for improved relations with Russia once Vlad (our impaler) is gone."

The moves suggested by the author, however, still have President Putin in mind. And here is what the author is calling for.

First come arms, arms and more arms.

Additional troops and tanks to the Baltics and Poland. Arm Ukraine. "Find ways to embed the Scandinavians in all of this, including non-NATO members Finland and Sweden."

In case arms are not enough, sanctions will help.

"They need to be expanded and sustained."

"We should also target more members of the Kremlin's inner circle, including preventing their spouses and children from vacationing or studying abroad. A step in this direction is much more likely to put pressure on Putin directly."

But what if sanctions also fail? The author has yet another answer: information war.

"The way to deflate Russia's malign nationalism is to end Putin's string of perceived victories — Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, and other instances where he thumbs his nose at the West — and show Russians what it looks like when a petty tyrant goes on a losing streak."

"And we must get Russians talking to Russians about all of this. Let's nurture our ties not only to Russian liberals but also —more importantly —to Russian nationalists, who may well in due course turn against Putin and consider a more pragmatic approach in their relations with the West."

"Let's look for cleavages. Let's drive wedges in Mr. Putin's ruling class. It's what a broad coalition of anti-Communist Russian broadcasters working for Radio Liberty did brilliantly during the Cold War."

"In the information space, we need to work with our European allies. Our joint efforts require the use of multiple platforms — web, radio, television, social media — and creative and compelling programming."

"And when we're fully prohibited from working inside the country, as is sure to happen in due time, let's get back to beaming into Russia from the outside."

And not a single word about dialogue or cooperation, despite Russia's repeated attempts to reach out to Washington. Is this really in America's national interest?

Comment: Gedmin is a bit late when it comes to formulating a plan to take down Russia. The Unites States has been at it for roughly a century. While they had momentary 'success' in collapsing the Soviet Union, their methods have become old, tired and ineffective against an educated population led by a genuine and strong leader. The only future for the US under its long held destructive policies is to become a "dream of the past."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Putin to NWO Agents: “You Can Go to Hell” | By Jonas E. Alexis

Putin to NWO Agents: “You Can Go to Hell”

Putin is right: if ISIS is raising hell in Syria and elsewhere, and if Erdoğan is supporting those terrorist groups, then both Erdoğan and ISIS would end up in the same place.
"So, you want to join ISIS and the New World Order, Mr. Erdoğan? Well, you can 'go to hell.'"
“So, you want to join ISIS and the New World Order, Mr. Erdoğan? Well, you can ‘go to hell.'”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Have you ever tried to reason an individual out of an idea which wasn’t born on the basis of reason? And have you ever witnessed how the same person tries to cherish the same unreasonable idea, despite the fact that you have pointed out that the idea is promiscuously embarrassing?
I have learned over the years that if a person does not love the truth, has no desire to follow his own metaphysical claim to its bitter end, and has no interest whatever in pursuing the truth all the way to the end, then you are wasting your time with that person. You might as well throw in the towel and move on to something else.
Last January, I wrote an article on the metaphysical nature of reality arguing that the denial of practical reason inevitably leads to intellectual suicide. I also implicitly argued that practical reason, which is synonymous with morality, invariably leads to God. An interesting individual responded by saying that “logic and reason prove nothing” and wrote a lengthy paragraph pretentiously using logic and reason to show that logic and reason prove nothing!
As Jim W. Dean would have said, you can’t make this stuff up. It was really too good to be true because people shouldn’t insult even a freshman in philosophy with that kind of nonsense. It’s not very often that you get a knocked down argument, but once a person rejects logic and reason as “nothing,” you can be sure that the person is carrying his own casket. In response, I said:
“In order to say that ‘logic and reason prove nothing,’ one obviously has to use logic and reason–an impressively and fantastically incoherent argument. In fact, if ‘logic and reason prove nothing,’ why should we listen to Mr. [X] here? Is he telling us to ignore his point? If this is so, then he shall have his wish.
“It is simply astonishing to see that thinking people cannot see the trap of their own circular reasoning. How can you use ‘logic and reason’ to prove that logic and reason mean nothing? If that is not the zenith of irrationality, what is?
“I remember one time a friend of mine gave a lecture at a university during which he argued that things must be coherent. At the end of the lecture, an irate lady walked to the microphone and asked, ‘Why does everything have to be coherent?’ To which the speaker responded quite humorously, ‘Do you want me to give you a coherent answer or incoherent one’? She was completely stumped and she quietly went back to her seat.”
I simply could not persuade that man, and he could not see (I would say deliberately) that the moment he denies logic and reason, then his point will inevitably become obsolete and intellectually worthless. It was not that he lacked intellectual sophistication to see that point; it was the fact that he had no interest in knowing, living and defending the truth, which is our only weapon against moral and intellectual bondage.

Over the past few months, Putin has been battling NWO agents and Satan worshipers with intensity, moral clarity, and intellectual honesty. Yet some of his messages fell on deaf ears precisely because one of the principles that make up the New World Order is that it has no interest in the truth.[1] In fact, the New World Order has and will seek to supplant the truth with sugar-coded lies, colossal fabrications, and mass deceptions. That is why they promote massive deceptions about Putin and Russia.[2]
Yet despite all the political machination by NWO agents, Putin is fearless and doesn’t seem to back down. The Daily Beast has recently admitted that “Russian, Syrian, and Iranian forces are getting ready for an assault on a rebel stronghold.”[3] Listen to this recent admission by the New York Times:
“Two weeks of air and missile strikes in Syria have given Western intelligence and military officials a deeper appreciation of the transformation that Russia’s military has undergone under President Vladimir V. Putin, showcasing its ability to conduct operations beyond its borders and providing a public demonstration of new weaponry, tactics and strategy.
“The strikes have involved aircraft never before tested in combat, including the Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighter, which NATO calls the Fullback, and a ship-based cruise missile fired more than 900 miles from the Caspian Sea, which, according to some analysts, surpasses the American equivalent in technological capability.”[4]
So, is the New York Times going to stop denigrating Putin now? The bigger question is: how did Putin end up being “the new sheriff in town”?
In any event, the man has guts. He may have his flaws, as everyone does, but he deserves our respect and gratitude for challenging NWO agents and Satan worshipers. He knows that they are anti-reason or anti-Logos. He knows that he has to use harsh words to teach those guys a lesson. With respect to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he told one of his ambassadors:
Tell your dictator president he can go to hell along with his ISIL terrorist and I shall make Syria to nothing but a ‘Big Stalingrad’, for Erdoğan and his Saudi allies are no vicious than Adolf Hitler.. How hypocrite is your president as he advocates democracy and lambasts the military coup d’état in Egypt. And he simultaneously condones all terrorist activities aimed to overthrow Syrian president.”[5]
That Turkey has been abetting terrorist groups such as ISIS is not far-fetched.[6]This has also been pointed out by Mike Harris in his recent debate with Richard Millet on Press TV.[7] Gordon Duff has argued that Erdoğan is “complicit in massive industrial theft from Syria.”
So, Putin is right: If ISIS is raising hell in Syria and elsewhere, and if Erdoğan is supporting those terrorist groups, then both Erdoğan and ISIS would end up in the same place. It is like Dante describing sodomites and usurers in the same circle in hell.

[1] You’d be amazed to know that many so-called historians practically believe that truth is not really important. I have interacted with at least four of those historians in the past.
[2] For a recent deception, see for example Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov, “Putin Can’t Stop the Internet,” Slate, October 14, 2015.
[3] Nancy A. Yosef, “Iran and Russia Ready to Pound Aleppo,” Daily Beast, October 14, 2015.
[4] Steven Lee Myers and Eric Schmitt, “Russian Military Uses Syria as Proving Ground, and West Takes Notice,” NY Times, October 14, 2015.
[5] “Putin to Turkish Envoy: Tell Your Dictator President He Can Go to Hell along with his ISIL Terrorists,” FARS News Agency, August 4, 2015; “Putin to Turkey Envoy: Tell Erdogan He Can Go to Hell along with ISIL Terrorists,” Almanar News, August 8, 2015.
[6] See Ben Norton, “Turkey Is Supporting ISIS,” Counter Punch, November 11, 2014; Barney Guilton, “‘ISIS Sees Turkey as Its Ally’: Former Islamic State Member Revels Turkish Army Cooperation,” Newsweek, November 7, 2014.
[7] Isn’t it interesting that the debate was by Press TV? Doesn’t the Zionist media tell us ad nauseam that Iran is undemocratic and terrorist state? Press TV moderated the debate, but the Zionist state won’t even allow that debate to take place on Fox NewsCNNMSNBC, etc.? Perhaps my good friend Dr. Fredrick Toben was right again: with the culmination of the Zionist regime, Western man only has the freedom to go shopping.

Obserwator Polityczny: the West will unleash a massacre, if only to stop Russia

October 15, 2015 

Obserwator Polityczny: the West will unleash a massacre, if only to stop Russia
Obserwator Polityczny: the West will unleash a massacre, if only to stop Russia
Very soon there will come the "Afghanization" of the war in Syria and massacre, which the world has never seen. Because the West, especially in USA, do not want to recognize Russia as the leader and superpower. So, we should expect a new round of the "proxy war" that is already underway in the Ukrainian and Syrian territories, writes Obserwator Polityczny.

The scale of information threat to Russia equally, and perhaps already exceeded the level of propaganda during the cold war. Such, probably have not experienced yet, no democratic state, writes Obserwator Polityczny.

It is impossible to even try to argue with so many lies. It's not just the grunts on the quality of the Olympic objects in Sochi. This is a real information war, directed at the government, its leaders and all the people, in scale, is not comparable even with the layers of false propaganda, sent from Kiev in the midst of a local civil war. In practice, this means war type of proxy in which both sides support different sides in the conflict. To a certain extent they are personally involved in it, but without direct clashes of forces, the author explains.
"The West will never accept Russia's political and military leadership. Even if Russia will take the responsibility and the burden of the salvation of civilization, humanity and humane status quo. Apparently, the scale of the limited success of the Russian forces greatly shocked the American strategists", - assured the Polish edition. After all, a festival of rage and hatred, which at the moment we are dealing with is not that other, as a cover operation to strengthen engagement forces of destruction in Syria. In here there are no international standards, only the right of the strongest. "And stronger, as we have seen, without the consent of the legitimate and recognized by the UN of the Syrian government to fly over Syria, to bomb, to arm different factions that it is for their benefit calls moderate, and so on - it's all terrifying at the same time shows the infinity of Western hypocrisy", - the journalist writes.

In the context of false accusations, related to the imaginary insinuations regarding Russia's military presence in Ukraine, the West has repeatedly pointed out the lack of legality. As things stand now with this issue of legality of the real actions of Western and Arab countries on the territory of sovereign Syria? No one is saying that the conscience in Damascus, there's no blood people, but the government in Kiev from him in this is not much different. It seems to be almost two identical models. The difference, however, is that the government in Syria legally, but the government in Kiev has some problems with the legitimacy. Despite this, the U.S. does not see the problem to supply weapons to "moderate", the militants or terrorists. But if something big will be subjected to bombardment, for example the hospital, the blame can always be blamed on the Russians.

It looks like the Western logic of cynicism and hypocrisy. Determined objectives, selected arguments, and the whole point is to fight Russia, because its leadership is unacceptable, because it is a superpower, and the West, especially the USA, will make, most likely, all that will be able to reduce its role and importance. This is despite the fact that the Russians have not done anything against America, when one wanted to set fire to Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite the contrary — they provided logistical and intelligence assistance in Afghanistan.

"As a result we should expect "Afghanization" of the war in Syria. Now we see the call to crusade. The most radical will live in harmony just to get a lot of weapons, and the killing will start, which the world has never seen. All in the name of American doctrine of containment of the USSR, known since the Korean war and the Vietnamese lost so shamefully. Today we have a proxy war in Syria. We didn't expect that. However, taking into account the unpredictability of the US, it would not have turned out that this will be the beginning of a second front in Europe," says Obserwator Polityczny.

Photo: Reuters

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Russia cuts off Daesh arms supply routes in Syria's Aleppo

A Russian Su-25 attack aircraft takes off from the Hmeimim airbase in Syria. © RIA Novosti photo
Russian fighter jets have cut off the arms supply routes of the Daesh Takfiri group in Syria's northwestern province of Aleppo.

The Russian Defense Ministry made the announcement on Wednesday, adding that over the past 24 hours, Russian jets have conducted 41 sorties and carried out 40 raids against the terrorist group in the Middle Eastern country.

“Sukhoi Su-24M bombers delivered pinpoint strikes against terrorist targets near the city of Aleppo. They took out workshops used by the militant terrorist group to arm vehicles with explosives, which are used in suicide bomb attacks,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated.

The attacks were made against the strongholds of the terrorist group in the four Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Hama, Idlib and Latakia.

The spokesman went on to say that the vehicles belonging to the terrorists had been rigged with explosives and were planned to be used to stage terrorist attacks against Syrian government forces.

The Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24M bombers as well as a Su-25SM assault aircraft, which took off from the Hmeimim airbase in Latakia were involved in the airstrikes.

An arms depot along with fuel supplies belonging to the Daesh terrorist group was targeted and completely destroyed in an attack by Su-25SM ground-support aircraft near the city of Huraytan in Aleppo Province. Russian aircraft also bombed a terrorist workshop, used to repair armored vehicles, some 13 kilometers from Aleppo.

A picture taken on October 3, 2015 shows a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 jet taking off from the Hmeimim airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia. (Photo by AFP)

The Russian warplanes also struck a training center for terrorists located in a mountainous area in Idlib province and completely destroyed it.

Russia launched its first airstrikes against Takfiri terrorists in Syria on September 30, hours after the upper house of the Russian parliament gave President Vladimir Putin the mandate to use the air force in the Arab country.

The Daesh Takfiri group, with members from several Western countries, has been committing heinous acts of terror and atrocities against people of different religious and ethnic communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians, in Syria and Iraq and other countries.



Wednesday, 14 October 2015 Olga Talova
The Hague is cancelled: Ukraine admitted that the trial of Putin it has no evidence
On the day of defender of Ukraine, which now is observed on 14th February on Maidan to the new calendar, the military Prosecutor decided to cheer on the patriots and said that it is necessary for the trial of Putin. It turns out that a mere trifle: to put "the Kremlin dwarf" behind bars, only concrete evidence of "crimes". Which, from the Ukrainian side, of course, no.
Anatoly Matios highlights: to judge in Ukrainian and international courts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to collect evidence, not beliefs or thoughts. He declared it on air of Radio Liberty.
Matios does not exclude that such evidence will be. Possible. Ever. And while Ukraine wants to judge the chief of General staff of the Russian Federation. The chief military Prosecutor said that already collected evidence against the chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces Valery Gerasimov, who, in the opinion of the investigators involved in the planning and conduct hybrid war against Ukraine.
"If we can get the appropriate procedural evidence of the involvement of other higher officials of Russia, believe me, neither the investigator, nor I was not afraid to take the hand completely legitimate, righteous decision. But there is a political decision, and there is practical. All Armed forces in times of peace both in Ukraine and in other countries is headed by the chief of the General staff. The fact that he had checked with the leadership of the state or did not without his knowledge - this doesn't even make sense to doubt. We all understand that. But for the court the evidence must be in the form of evidence and not my beliefs personally", - said Matios.
In other words, as in the case with the introduction of aviataksi, official Kyiv backpedaled and admitted that all of his fantasies about "Russia invaded Ukraine and has engaged in war" is nothing more than personal impressions of individuals with a rich imagination. No evidence that could be presented to the Hague Tribunal for Ukraine, and there "personal beliefs" about the existence of the Buryat and Altai mountain special forces troops in the Donbass. And own reflection to business will not sew. Therefore, Ukraine is delicately pulls off the threads of the Tribunal over the Supreme leadership of Russia, although the same Matios pathetic not so long ago stated that the military Prosecutor's office accuses the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov in fuelling armed conflict in the Donbass. Gerasimov declared wanted, but now Ukraine will try this "to forget". Her orders are to end the war and go for talks with "terrorists". And about the Crimea, the trial of Putin and the struggle with the aggressor is better to forget. That's such a sad birthday at krovoj today...


DNR has direct evidence of the guilt of the APU in the destruction of "Boeing" #MH17

DNR has direct evidence of the guilt of the APU in the destruction of "Boeing" #MH17
The Ministry of defence of the Donetsk national Republic has direct evidence of the guilt of the APU in the destruction of Malaysian "Boeing" in 2014. This was stated today at the briefing in the press center DAN Deputy corps commander defense Ministry Eduard Basurin, showing the relevant document.

"This document, in our view, is direct evidence confirming the guilt of the Ukrainian military personnel in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing", — said samambula.

The document is a captured map of the commander of the 1st battalion of the 95 separate airmobile brigade Mat, which earlier the Ministry of defence DND has already demonstrated to the press.

"As you can see on this map marked the starting positions of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile systems Buk — said Basurin. — One position is located in the village of Gruzsko-Saranskoe three kilometers West of Ilovaysk, the second one in two kilometers South of Shakhtersk in area of settlement zaramensky at the height with a mark of 224.8. That is precisely where indicated by Russian experts", — said Basurin, Recalling the results of the investigation of the Russian Corporation "Almaz-Antey".

"Any reasonable person, after reviewing all official certificates, including maps presented to us, cannot but come to the conclusion that if the Boeing 777 was shot down from the ground, it could only be from the territory controlled at the time by the Ukrainian army — the village of zaroshchens'ke — and-of-arms, is still available on arms of the Ukrainian army", — said the representative of the defense Ministry.
The authorities DND had provided all possible assistance for carrying out search and rescue operations and the investigation of criminologists from the Netherlands and Malaysia. However, Kiev and the West, not even waiting for the first results of the investigation, hastened to lay unsubstantiated blame for the disaster militias of Donbass, and held the position until now.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Russia has deployed newest space weapons to Crimea - Ukrainian media

Threat from space Square: Russia has deployed in Crimea newest space weapons - Ukrainian media

03/10/2015 - 23:26

In Deep Space Communication Center in Crimea delivered five new weapons, with the fear of reporting "Details", referring to the chief of staff of the 15th Army Military Space special forces, Major-General Anatoly Nestechuk.

In an interview with a military expert and analyst Igor Korotchenko, Major General Nestechuk commented on the state of the national system of space surveillance, the GLONASS orbital group and its update, touched issues of space security of the Russian Federation.

"Actively developing orbital group, conducted the development of new spacecraft, and it requires a change of approach to arms and military and special equipment, which the world manages these spacecraft. Today ground automated control complex enough reliable, those command-measuring systems which are in service of the Main test space center, guaranteed to perform the tasks, the company is actively developing new weapons.

Command-and-measurement systems, antenna systems, which were established during the Soviet period, in the army there are not many. Backlog durability and reliability of these stations are implemented in technical solutions to create automated control system that can effectively apply them today. Of course, the process of modernization of the control and communication goes continuously.

One of the main directions of modernization of automated ground control complex - a unification, that is, the creation of such a unified means to replace a varied fleet of obsolete, which would effectively apply it for the benefit of management constellation.

Created today unified command and measuring systems and new integrated telemetry systems, the new quantum-optical system, a single time, a means of analyzing the data received from the spacecraft to allow confidence and the prospect of the future.

Today it is on the basis of connections created new centers of mission control of various types of spacecraft, developed and successfully operated promising ground command and measuringsystems, which we are developing according to plan.

The combat strength of the Space Forces entered a separate command and measurementcomplex located in the city of Yevpatoriya, Crimea and in the country as of today already delivered 5 new weapons in the military unit. The work is supervised personally by our team, and I think that next year we will start to Yevpatoriya to spend sessions Management of different types of spacecraft.

All of the new systems, which are created from the perspective of automated ground-based complex, implemented in accordance with the plan of activities of the troops, and disruption of failing these plans we have. We can talk about what is guaranteed to be replaced almost the entire system ground automated control complex in 2020 new, modern, unifiedcommand and measuring systems "- said Major General Nestechuk.

The Industrial Military Complex That Selects US Presidents

The Industrial Military Complex That Selects US Presidents

Top 100 for 2015

Currency conversions for non-US firms were calculated using average market conversion rates over each firm's fiscal year to mitigate the effects of currency fluctuations.

  • Notes
  • 1 Operational headquarters in Paris and Munich
  • 2 Changes in European accounting methods mean joint venture financials are not included in revenue
  • 3 Defense revenue based on percentage provided by company; (includes Sukhoi, MiG and Irkut)
  • 4 Acquired URS
  • 5 Fiscal year ended 1/31/15
  • 6 Figures provided in US dollars
  • 7 Fiscal year ended 3/31/15
  • 8 ATK merger with Orbital completed in February 2015
  • 9 Acquired by Harris in May
  • 10 Fiscal year ended 6/30/15
  • 11 Acquired Excelis in May
  • 12 Fiscal year ended 6/27/15
  • 13 Fiscal year ended 9/30/14
  • 14 Calculations based on US military contracts; does not include Foreign Military Sales undisclosed by company
  • 15 Fiscal year ended 11/30/14 (formerly GenCorp)
  • 16 Completed acquisition of Samsung Techwin and Samsung Thales in June
  • 17 Fiscal year ended 8/31/14
  • 18 2013 revenue was recalculated
  • 19 Takeover by Hanwha completed in June
  • 20 Fiscal year ended 5/31/15
  • 21 Fiscal year ended 10/31/14
  • 22 Portion of Nammo sales no longer included
  • Data for the Top 100 list comes from information Defense News solicited from companies, from companies/’ annual reports and from Defense News staff research.
  • Companies were contacted by Defense News and asked to fill out a survey reporting their total annual revenue and revenue derived from defense, homeland security and other national security contracts.
  • *In US dollars. Currency conversions for non-US firms calculated using average market conversion rates over each firm/’s fiscal year to mitigate the effects of currency fluctuations.
  • NA- Not available
  • NR- Not ranked