Saturday, October 3, 2015

Russia has deployed newest space weapons to Crimea - Ukrainian media

Threat from space Square: Russia has deployed in Crimea newest space weapons - Ukrainian media

03/10/2015 - 23:26

In Deep Space Communication Center in Crimea delivered five new weapons, with the fear of reporting "Details", referring to the chief of staff of the 15th Army Military Space special forces, Major-General Anatoly Nestechuk.

In an interview with a military expert and analyst Igor Korotchenko, Major General Nestechuk commented on the state of the national system of space surveillance, the GLONASS orbital group and its update, touched issues of space security of the Russian Federation.

"Actively developing orbital group, conducted the development of new spacecraft, and it requires a change of approach to arms and military and special equipment, which the world manages these spacecraft. Today ground automated control complex enough reliable, those command-measuring systems which are in service of the Main test space center, guaranteed to perform the tasks, the company is actively developing new weapons.

Command-and-measurement systems, antenna systems, which were established during the Soviet period, in the army there are not many. Backlog durability and reliability of these stations are implemented in technical solutions to create automated control system that can effectively apply them today. Of course, the process of modernization of the control and communication goes continuously.

One of the main directions of modernization of automated ground control complex - a unification, that is, the creation of such a unified means to replace a varied fleet of obsolete, which would effectively apply it for the benefit of management constellation.

Created today unified command and measuring systems and new integrated telemetry systems, the new quantum-optical system, a single time, a means of analyzing the data received from the spacecraft to allow confidence and the prospect of the future.

Today it is on the basis of connections created new centers of mission control of various types of spacecraft, developed and successfully operated promising ground command and measuringsystems, which we are developing according to plan.

The combat strength of the Space Forces entered a separate command and measurementcomplex located in the city of Yevpatoriya, Crimea and in the country as of today already delivered 5 new weapons in the military unit. The work is supervised personally by our team, and I think that next year we will start to Yevpatoriya to spend sessions Management of different types of spacecraft.

All of the new systems, which are created from the perspective of automated ground-based complex, implemented in accordance with the plan of activities of the troops, and disruption of failing these plans we have. We can talk about what is guaranteed to be replaced almost the entire system ground automated control complex in 2020 new, modern, unifiedcommand and measuring systems "- said Major General Nestechuk.

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