For the last two days the aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic attacked the uncovered infrastructure of the terrorist groups ISIS and "Frente al-Nusra".
From the base of the "Hamim" made 131 sorties, during which he defeated 237 objects of terrorists in the provinces of Hama, Latakia, HOMS, Damascus, Aleppo and raqqa.
In the area of Tadmor, HOMS province, the su-25 hit by a fortified area of militants. As a result of direct hits destroyed the fortifications, underground shelters, and positions of anti-aircraft artillery, which contained two installations ZSU-23. Objective control data confirmed their complete destruction.
In the area of the settlement of Haraszti al-Qatar, in the province of Damascus, destroyed the warehouse of terrorists IG. As the result of being guided aerial bombs in the bunker, where he kept the ammunition, the object and all its contents was completely destroyed.
In the suburbs of Aleppo by a bomber su-34 struck the camp intended for training coming from other countries fighters. As a result of the bombs hit an ammunition depot and a training infrastructure for training of terrorists destroyed.
In the area of the village of Salma, Latakia province, destroyed located on top of one of the tactically important heights command post with communications unit of a large bandit force group "Front EN-Nusra". From this command post was managed by the actions of militants. The transmitter power of the communication node located at this altitude tactical, allowed to suppress the radio communication units of the Syrian armed forces.
Bomb kick disguised in a mountain-wooded area command post and all its contents completely destroyed.
In the area of the settlement Cafer-Nbuda, in the province of Hama, the su-25 aircraft suffered a blow to the fortified point of the militants, which was two units of armored vehicles and two all terrain vehicle, equipped with anti-aircraft installations ZU-23.
Direct hits bombs destroyed an ammunition dump, as a result of detonation of which the armored vehicles and vehicles with high cross was burned.
Hospitals, in the shock, which accused the VC in the SAR no
Separately, major General Igor Konashenkov recalled that a week ago some leading Western media, citing a "Syrian-American medical society", which is registered in the U.S., it was full of accusations against Russia about Russian aircraft bombing hospitals in the settlements al-EISA, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, al-Sabra, Sarmin and Latama.
"While all of this was unfounded, without any actual materials. As pseudopedinella were shown a video about the alleged destruction of a hospital in the village Sarmin, in the province of Idlib, — said Konashenkov. — And some Western media, citing anonymous sources, claimed that during the strikes of Russian aviation in this hospital allegedly killed 12 people and about 30 were injured".
"We checked this information," — said the official representative of the defense Ministry.
"Was that really only a hospital in Sarmin. In the villages of al-EISA, al-Hader, Khan Tuman, al-Ibra and Latana no hospitals and no medical personnel", — said Konashenkov.
Major General showed journalists footage of construction in 2014, the hospital in the city of Sarmin.
"Please pay attention to the building's characteristic dome shape in the upper left corner of the photo. In the picture it is marked by a red circle, — said Konashenkov. — On the next frame presents aerial photographs of the city Sarmin, made by our aircraft on 31 October 2015 On the photos clearly show this hospital next to a domed building. As you can see, the building of the hospital completely whole. Moreover, the street itself also has no damage".

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