Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why does Russia save Syria but not Ukraine ?

The group controlled the Military Forces of Novorossiya.

Why does Russia save Syria but not Ukraine ?

Wonder why Russia gets involved in military confrontation in Syria, and in Ukraine — no. They say that, Syrians are closer to us Ukrainians? It's not only that, but, in General, sadly, it turns out that Yes — some became brothers in spirit, ready to fight for their right to be people, others sold for beads and was called "abrahami".

Comparing Syria with Ukraine is very significant, as it gives answers to key questions on Ukraine: how and why Russia did it, and not otherwise. One and the other country were victims of Western propaganda and aggression, attempts to bring to power the thugs and terrorists. But the script is completely different.

1. President al-Assad went on about the "peaceful opposition" and the ultimatums from the West.

2. When the West let loose on his terrorist thugs, presenting them as rebels, Assad found support in the Syrian elite. Despite a number of betrayals, he was able to retain control over the country through the management layer and army personnel.

3. USA on the ruins of Iraq are creating a new gang IG and cause a new, even more hard strike on Syria.

4. During the 4 years in the hardest fighting, despite the tremendous sacrifices and millions of people to migrate, the continued resistance to the gangs of thugs, demonstrating the will and a sober understanding of the situation. The people of Syria together with the core elite and the government becomes a monolith.


1. The President, indirectly supported by Moscow, in the decisive moment (February 21) chickened out. Has claimed responsibility for the necessary violence and still considers it an accomplishment.

2. Elite, in turn, betrayed and Yanukovych, and that part of the country that did not share Western views and focused on Moscow. The elite of the West have given up. Zero resistance.

3. The population of Ukraine is, sadly, for the most part accepted — or scared or left behind — illegal seizure of power by the thugs in Kiev, and in the field. The resistance had only the Crimea, Donbass, Yes, a hundred people in Odessa, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv.

4. For more than a year and a half Ukraine's population, despite all the bullying scumbags, tolerate them and, moreover, enables them to set them on the residents of Donbass and Russia. No propaganda can not justify the fact that many residents of Ukraine had committed a betrayal. Ready to kiss the shoes of a U.S. soldier, so he stomped the Russians. Shame.

What is the result?

In Syria, Russia intensified its assistance only after he saw that Assad is on the verge of possible defeat, when Syria showed all 100% of their capabilities, and even more. When, judging by some of the information that Washington was ready to approve a ground operation to remove Assad.

Purely legal detail, it is important for Putin personally as the lawyer: Assad is the legitimate authority in Syria, which is officially, on behalf of the majority, asked to assist. In Syria has long been the Russian military base. There are no obstacles from the point of view of international norms and laws in providing assistance to Damascus.

What in Ukraine? Immediately after seizing of power in Kiev Moscow by carrying out a unique operation performed at a minimum: defended the Crimea and its fleet from the invading extremists. At the time it was legal and clear — collapsed state, came to power, the extremists, the inhabitants of the Peninsula spoke out clearly against them and for returning to Russia. Russia was the pivot in the form of a military base. This is a unique situation actually.

Next, Moscow, clearly expressing its position about what happened in Kiev, expecting the reaction of local residents and elites. Active resistance started only in the Donbass. In Kharkov and Zaporozhye that's gone at the first wave of terror. The burning of the Odessa House of trade unions was the tragic point at which it became clear that across the Ukraine resistance was a lonely business, and most took this power and believed in its propaganda of hatred towards Russia.

During the election Poroshenko, the junta had actually received a mandate from the majority of the population and the window of opportunity to defeat the imposters with the help of Russia shut. Yes, it was the defeat of the Russian world in most parts of Ukraine, and Moscow was forced to admit. To rely on Ukraine was no one.

Remained task is to defend the Donbass without the direct intervention of the Russian army that would look like foreign intervention and was unacceptable for Russia. And in principle it is possible, but, unfortunately, has resulted in enormous casualties, as the Russian army could not act directly and to use its full potential, the Kiev authorities were so frostbitten that reacted formally to the citizens of the state as to the monsters and killed them in a frenzy.

To recognize the independent Donbass and attach themselves to Russia had no legal rights, because those territories were not sufficient government and continuity of government, as in the Crimea. In addition, joining the Donetsk and Lugansk (even a small part of the territory of new Russia), Russia thereby released himself from the rest of Ukraine. Donbass became the anchor that held in our field of influence Kiev, exhausting his regime.

So: military aid to Syria can be formal and even direct, because Syria has a legitimate government, a United elite and heroic people, betrayed and sold. In Ukraine, how close it is to us, anything that was not there. We all lost this territory ideologically, and therefore not (yet) have the opportunity to fight openly military way.

In Syria, the thugs who call themselves true Muslims, resisted with machine guns in hand, in Ukraine with the thugs who call themselves patriots, are considered as power — their names are called streets. It is a fact, and it's not going anywhere.

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