Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ankara and Baghdad start negotiations on the withdrawal of Turkish troops

There is a chance to do without war: Ankara and Baghdad have started negotiations on the withdrawal of Turkish troops

There is a chance to do without war: Ankara and Baghdad have started negotiations on the withdrawal of Turkish troops
Ankara once again presents its NATO partners unpleasant surprises. It turns out that the U.S. deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq allegedly was not warned. The folly, the rashness and arbitrariness — these are the words Ankara's actions characterize U.S. media and Internet users. However, Iraq seems ready to give your roommate another chance. A couple of hours ago Ankara and Baghdad stated that the conduct of bilateral negotiations on the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraq. The assurances of both parties, consultations are held extremely successfully. However, no further details not reported. It is only obvious that the new developments have taken place after the discussion in closed session of the UN security Council.
The ultimatum, that Iraq has put forward Turkey, had expired the night before, and joined a "plan B" — on the initiative of Russia the issue of Turkish troops brought to the discussion of the UN Security Council.
The meeting was held behind closed doors. Concern was expressed by the Secretary General, and several members of the security Council. But to a common decision to come and could not. As explained in the Russian delegation, the U.S. condemn the actions of its ally in NATO did not hurry, spoke "vaguely". Although it was clear that Ankara's actions Washington was unpleasantly surprised.
"There is, of course, sounded concern. It was obvious that for the US, it was a surprise. And it's weird. It shows the unpredictability of Turkey", — said Russia's permanent representative in the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin.
Apparently, the US is now trying to rein in his recalcitrant partner in NATO. Rather clumsily, I must admit. The state Department and the Pentagon for the second time this month to distance itself from the actions of Ankara and as a mantra to repeat to the actions of the Turkish States have no relation.
"We remain confident that this issue should be resolved at Ankara and Baghdad in bilateral negotiations. Iraq is a sovereign country, and we want all actions to combat ISIL, which are held on the territory of Iraq, was coordinated with Baghdad. Need to get official permission from the government. This is a fundamental principle," said John Kirby, a spokesman for the U.S. state Department.
On 4 December the Turkish tank battalion entered the Iraqi province of Ninawa. Concentrated forces in the camp of the militia in the area of al-Seyhan. Originally according to the official version of Ankara it was about 130 military. However, the Governor of the Iraqi province refers to a figure of 900 soldiers. We need these forces, allegedly solely for the purpose of training Kurdish groups to fight ISIS.
In Baghdad say they are willing to any possible action, and led the aircraft into a state of heightened readiness. In the air force of Iraq now 7 fighter F-16. Until 2018 Baghdad planned to increase their number to 36. However, after the outbreak of war with ISIS Washington plans supply declined and decided that most favor the fighter will bring to Arizona, where they are training Iraqi pilots. Baghdad has purchased 12 su-25 of various modifications and two Czech training aircraft. Also planning deliveries 24 South Korean supersonic jet aircraft Golden Eagle.
Of course, in the aviation sector to compete with neighbors Iraq difficult. In service with Turkey 400 aircraft, of which 200 – F-16. Here only in turbulent Iraq to send a good technique Ankara is in no hurry. In the vicinity of Mosul, the Turkish military has come under the guise of light armored vehicles and tank M-60 American production. Developed this model in the late 50-ies, and serial production took off in 1987. Against modern technology, this veteran of the military industry is nothing more than bulky scrap metal. So to strike on its territory and to expel several hundred Iraqi military in which case you can. As a proof of the army — reports of new successes in the fight against ISIL.
"I appeal to the Iraqi people. I want to say about the great success of our Armed forces. We recently announced the release of days Sinjar from the (ISIL), Iraqi troops today took control of the building of the military command in the city of Ramadi. And its suburbs. Our troops continue to move South. We promise that soon residents will return to their homes," said Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq.
However, most likely to direct collisions will not come. After the emergency meeting of the UN security Council, Ankara began to speak a little more modest. They said they understood how sensitive this issue for Baghdad. Started negotiations. And as today hastened to assure the permanent representative of Turkey to the UN, there are already certain successes. However, did not specify.

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