Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Medvedev on Ukraine Default: Money never returned — because they're crooks. Winter is forgotten by them..

Medvedev on Ukraine Default: Money never returned — because they're crooks. Winter is forgotten by them..

Ukraine will not bring Russia $ 3 billion debt that the Ukrainian authorities were occupied in the times of Viktor Yanukovych. This forecast was voiced by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

"Yes, hope dies last. But if you want to know my opinion, and probably a large number of our people, I have a feeling that will not return, because rogues. They refuse to return the money, and our Western partners, we not only do not help but interfere in it," he said.

"Okay, the new leadership of Ukraine, which is trying to shovel all their earlier commitments and some of his line to hold – God will judge them, I still somehow can't explain. But it is surprising that international financial institutions started to say: well, it's like that's not quite a sovereign loan. That is, when the two governments is not entirely sovereign loan? Bullshit. Obviously, this is just totally a blatant cynical lie", — said the Medvedev.

"I think that now the IMF flow of requests from various States borrowers with a request to grant them the same conditions as Ukraine. As the IMF in this case would be to refuse?" he added.

"Now against these 3 billion. of Course, we do not accept, we will go to court, we will pursue defaulting on a loan and make defaulting on all debt of Ukraine. But where to go?" the Prime Minister said.

"The Ukrainian people are now thinking how to live this winter, which nobody knows how will end for Ukraine," Medvedev said.

The situation is compounded by the fact that from January 1, Russia ceases to be a preferential regime for Ukrainian goods after Kiev opens free trade with the EU.

"A very bad situation, and it is compounded by the fact that, in addition to these 3 billion, Ukraine is on the threshold of accession to associated membership with the EU. They choose this way, let them go by it. It is the responsibility of those who made the decisions, these decisions, at least partially, are separated and the Ukrainian people – please. But they need to understand that January 1 is over the period that we chose for adjustment of our economies, to connect the existing rules in respect of the consolidated trade zone of the CIS with the EU regulations. 

We specifically agreed on what was called the three Europeans, Ukraine and Russia, that during the year, we like this adaptation period pass. What has been done? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! In the course of this year we talked about the fact that you need to meet, to talk, to reconcile positions, to talk about the language. Specific questions not deal with: no issues for disease control, no customs duties and no harmonisation of law or the harmonization of technical regulation – nothing", — concluded Medvedev.

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