Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Obama is going to risk US military lives to undermine the Russian-led alliance against Terrorists

Repeated Aggression: Where Are the Finest Minds in Washington?
Repeated Aggression: Where Are the Finest Minds in Washington?

TEHRAN (FNA)- In Washington, the air is thick with lies and half-truths, and President Obama’s goals continue to grow every time he gives a speech about his second “humanitarian intervention” in Iraq.

Obama insists ground troops aren’t being considered, but the credibility of that claim is very much in doubt. His “no boots on the ground” pledge has been repeatedly revised, initially insisting it meant no troops, then no combat troops, and now it simply meant no battalion-level deployments.

Obama now insists he never had any intention not to send combat troops to Iraq and Syria. He insists the latest deployment will “squeeze and ultimately destroy” ISIL in Iraq. Strange enough, he also continues to play up the idea that the war is going well, even though we all know the US and its coalition of fakers are not involved in any real war against ISIL.

Still, the Obama administration is gambling it can avoid serious debate about its repeated escalations. At the same time, the promise of “no battalions” is all but meaningless, since the deployments are happening with such regularity that they are building up into the thousands in short order. Baghdad is not happy.

This is because the ISIL menace is one created by Washington and its allies. ISIL has been significantly strengthened over the past four years by the US program to arm and finance terrorist groups fighting to overthrow the government in Syria. Without US support in Syria, ISIL would not be overrunning Iraq now.

Nevertheless, if Obama is going to risk US involvement in the fighting, it will be hard to confine military action to one small part of the multi-national battlefield. Instead of jumping into yet another unnecessary and counterproductive war, Washington should step back, temper its ambitions, and place responsibility on the Iraqi politicians and regional players with greater ability to solve the ongoing problems.

Into the argument, it is hard to look at US actions and still believe the goal of its military deployments is humanitarianism and not protecting US interests - the real, non-humanitarian motive. Palestinians are allowed to be slaughtered, Syrian’s massacred, and half of Iraq torn to shreds while Obama has busied himself with trying everything to stop his European allies from joining the real counter-ISIL coalition of Iran, Russia, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

As it happens, the logic of the new military intervention is completely based on a cynical calculation meant to undermine the Russian-led alliance and boost US military presence by any means necessary – even without a formal “invitation” from Baghdad. It’s all the reason why Iraqi PM Hayder Abadi continues to insist the new US deployment was neither discussed with the government nor welcome.

In his words, no foreign ground troops from any country have been requested by Iraq, and that any new deployment would be viewed as an “act of aggression.” What’s more, the illegal deployments have fuelled growing objections from the popular resistance groups the government is depending on in the real war against ISIL. They have all warned that they will shift their focus from fighting ISIL to fighting the US occupying forces. The finest minds in Washington shouldn’t ignore such warnings.

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