Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We are witnessing is a Military Industrial Complex and it's allies destroying the world Westley Clark

The Real Agenda Behind Refugee Crisis: It's Been Planned All Along

They want Syria and they are about to get it.

By: Geog Sankovic  |@NeonNettle
 on 8th September 2015 @ 4.59pm

what we are witnessing is a present day empire that is more sophisticated than any other until now© press
What we are witnessing is a present day Empire that is more sophisticated than any other until now
I felt obliged to write something concerning the refugee situation since it is now widely debated and infected with all kinds of disinformation on who's to blame and why it's happening. Some are even suggesting that global warming is to blame.
Well enough is enough, and for an international affairs analyst who closely follows the Middle East's geo political situation in Syria and why we have had turmoil there for decades, it's an insult to my knowledge and I felt compelled to write this article.
Having studied most proxy wars in recent history since WW2, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and the list goes on and on in different parts of the world, one begins to see a pattern of war tactics and it's consequences which this refugee situation is. Why are these wars being fought? What were the given reasons for it? And who benefited in the aftermath? And for who's national interest/gain were they waged? It's easy to come to a conclusion and see where the fire and real terror is coming from.  It's chaos, but 'chaos' is exactly what they want.
What we are witnessing is a present day Empire that is more sophisticated than any other until now, with their psychological warfare and manufacturing of Consent through a Propaganda machine like no other in history.  They know how to manipulate the public and they know how to sway public opinion for their benefit, they've thrown the bait, we've bitten (again).
The US, or should I say the Military Industrial Complex and it's allies, are destroying the world, while we here in the west sit by and watch it unfold, most of us clueless to the real agenda behind the terror being waged on the Middle East under the pretences of the "War on terror", and it's innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. 
And so on goes the mainstream news imperial propaganda selling us on a story that we are combating bad guys "terrorists" in their own countries, helping bring peace and democracy to those people, with our Hi tech machinery as our tax money flies over in the form of Drone's, Apaches and Fighter Jets throwing bombs, all in the name of democracy, we are lead to believe that we are the good guys while the real agenda is implemented.  
Now we have poor people swimming over the Mediterranean drowning in search of a better life and the same NATO allies that destroyed their countries are building fences and suggesting to shoot down migrant boats pointing their dirty fingers at someone else. The refugee crisis is there to create chaos and confusion while they take full control of Syria, which was the plan all along.
In this video from 2007 you will hear a top US General, Wesley Clark, reveal plans of the Empire to take out 7 countries in 5 years, which is a direct cause of the refugee effect. This is the real reason we have babies drowning in the Mediterranean and people fleeing countries broken by the Empire, oh and the number is much much higher than you think.

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