Friday, March 4, 2016

Fascism (Nazism) is the true essence of Western civilization

Fascism (Nazism) is not a deviation, but the true essence of Western civilization


Technological achievements of Western civilization, such as firearms, atomic bombs, cars, computers, etc., and a smokescreen of pretty words about "democracy" and "human rights" ruling the West slave-owners for thousands of years used as a cover for their anti-human essence, has led to the fact that Nazism (fascism) in Germany and Japan during the second world war is seen by many now as something exceptional and Western civilization in General, not peculiar.

Meanwhile, confidence in their racial superiority and the attitude towards non-European peoples as representatives of inferior races was a characteristic feature of all European empires: Britain, France, etc., and the United States throughout its modern history have behaved no better than Nazi Germany and Japan, in the same way killing millions of people around the world just because they belonged to other peoples and civilizations.

Nazi (fascist) nature of the Western elite is well visible if to recall the many criminal fascist regimes that the US and its allies through public upheaval and specials. the CIA operations were widely cited by the authorities in all countries where the USSR and the allies are unable to create a socialist or a neutral country.

Therefore, the recent crimes of the West against humanity – the destruction of the state in Afghanistan (through the creation of al-Qaeda), Yugoslavia and Libya (through bombing), attempts to destroy Iraq and Syria (via the creation of ISIS), in fact, nothing new in itself does not represent, as the ruling Western countries the Levites (the Anglo-Zionists) are fascists (Nazis) and behave in the same way today as behaved two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

The humor of the situation is that so proud of their "democracy" modern Western countries are the spiritual heirs of the slave owners of ancient Greece and Rome. But who can be more fascist (a Nazi) than a slave owner and a slave trader?

Thus, the centuries-long struggle of Russia against the fascists (Nazis) in the West, peaking in the years of the great Patriotic war, is still far from being ended, as is evident in the example of Ukraine, where the servants of the conditional Rockefeller-Rothschild once again brought to power of the Nazis in the centuries-old quest for absolute world domination and mass murder and genocide of "lower races"...

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