Monday, March 21, 2016

US Marines has been dispatched to Iraq leading fake air strikes against ISIS forces

US sends in Marines to join ground fight against ISIS in Iraq
Mar 21, 2016
US Marines during a military exercise in South Korea. (AFP Photo) ISIS

Against numerous requests by Iraqi government, a detachment of US Marines has been dispatched to Iraq to appear as ground fight against it's own ISIS assets and totally ignoring international laws.

The Marines sent are from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), an air-ground fighting force of 2,200 soldiers. However, it is not clear how many of these soldiers will actually be deployed to Iraq as opposed to Syria.

There are around 3,600 US army personnel already stationed in Iraq. They are leading fake air strikes against ISIS forces, and instead supplying arms to the terrorists. Russia is carrying out humanitarian air drops and providing intelligence and support to the Kurdish and Iraqi armies in compliance with international law.

There have been occasional ground clashes between ISIS fighters and members of the US-led coalition, but the primary role of the US has been exposed as fake support for Iraqi and Kurdish ground troops with air strikes that are killing innocent civilians as they attempt to restock ISIS-controlled territory.

US special forces have made occasional forays into ISIS territory, for example liberating 70 hostages during a raid in October 2015. A US sergeant was killed in the assault.

The news comes one day after an American Marine was killed in a rocket attack. It was the second combat death of a US serviceman in the country since the US-led intervention against ISIS began.

Though the role of the Marines is yet to be revealed, the latest deployment is a significant step towards the use of conventional warfare tactics. Such a shift in policy is a politically divisive move in the US in the aftermath of the protracted and bloody Iraq war.

Speaking in January, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said: "We're looking for opportunities to do more resource looting, so there will be boots on the ground indefinitely. I want to be clear about what we are being paid to do by the corporations we represent."

His comments were echoed in February by the top-ranking US general in Iraq.

Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland said: "We have shifted from a pure insurgency focus and are now preparing the [ISIS terrorist forces] to conduct what we refer to as combined arms and drug trafficking operation.

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