Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Obama Administration Removed and Cabal Surrendered March 7, 2016! Interim President General Joseph Dunford Now Stationed and Living at White House

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 22:02

Historical Breaking News!!! Obama Administration Removed And Cabal Surrendered March 7, 2016!!! Interim President General Joseph Dunford Now Stationed And Living At White House 

The last intel from this particular source, “Operation Disclosure”, was confirmed by Archangel Michael to be true… Special Edition!!! Worldwide Financial Collapse Avoided Under Guidance Of Ancient Sovereign Families, Ascended Masters And Extraterrestrials!!! GrandFather Pushes the RV/GCR Button!!! …and is along similar lines as this one reposted below…  that, behind the scenes, a new republic of the united states of the people is being established and an interim government is taking over (confirmed by Galactic Federation Of Light spokeshuman Sheldan Nidle) Interim President of the Republic of the United States of America is Gen. Joseph Dunford, Says Galactic Federation of Light Representative Sheldan Nidle (US Election As You Know it, Ain’t Happening!) …. along the way, a whole new financial system is being rolled out, just a thread before the markets were designed to crash!  
Stay tuned… and remember this is Creator’s planet, and plan….IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TRUTH….  so don’t be surprised if there is a big planet-wide cleansing going on, that will take everything out, that is not of the Light. Watch for announcements… watch for dancing in the streets… watch for the world peace to be established, after thousands of years of forced slavery and war.  
If you doubt Creator is all-powerful on this planet, please examine where exactly you got this false notion, then go deeper into the heart, where the truth has already been available.
If this is truth, then public announcements are obviously forthcoming… please don’t argue the case for the cabal ruling earth through the Golden Age of Enlightenment… that’s just downright silly. 

*Emailed to Operation Disclosure*
RV/Intel – Tuesday – 3.8.16 – 16:00:00
Interim President General Joseph Dunford is now stationed and living in the White House as of yesterday. The WH Lock down was to move out and remove the entire Obama Administration.
Special Forces command was reporting rogue elements of the cabal still posing serious security threats as of yesterday evening, with mass loss of life events operational in NYC, Boston, LA, and Chicago. All were targeted to stop the RV. 
White hats neutralized threats with benevolent assistance, and a full and complete surrender was achieved earlier this morning. Thank you white ghosts.
RV to finally begin after market close Tuesday, and notifications are to begin sometime before midnight EST. 
Internet Group appointments have been rescheduled over two dozen times since January 1 are nowscheduled for Wednesday 7am.
Public safety is the lone reason why the RV took so long, with so many starts and stops. 
Asian banking and administration of the gold back system has on-line and functioning flawlessly for several months prior to the date. 
Opening first basket rates are much higher than previously discussed as the largest intake volume of papered currencies will occur within the first 96 hours. 
Contract rates are available for humanitarian project funding portfolios (redeemers discretion).
Public redemptions will begin after March 16 and scheduled to take one month to complete. Existing bank branch currency exchanges will be made available for this portion of the event.
Expect to see heavy security at all redemption locations.
Please be on time for your appointment, getting in and out as calmly and quickly as possible. Any overt disruption will be cause for immediate removal per security forces inside the redemption locations.
All will be asked to sign an NDA.
USN’s will be issued upon request (9,500 or less).
Free energy… organic permaculture… and nature cures… or you fight and change nothing.

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