Thursday, May 26, 2016

The destruction of equipment at a base in Syria – clumsy anti-Russian propaganda


Yesterday the Russian Internet-community was raised on the ears very sensitive infopotok. On the website of the American intelligence-analytical company Stratfor were published satellite images, which allegedly depicted the burning of Russian Mi-24 helicopters at a base in HOMS.
According to the information listed under the photos, screw machine RF were damaged as a result of high-precision mortar fire are the "success" of the representatives of ISIS.
The information was immediately posted on the Internet, creating an unprecedented sensation. Many users at the time complained that the Russian defense Ministry does not give any explanation on the published pictures.
However, as reported, defense Ministry spokesman major General Igor Konashenkov, a Russian military aviation equipment is in good order and combat duty, there are no losses as neither the helicopters nor in personnel.
By words the General-the major, published images and information to them — a provocation and "duck". And the misinformation was directly created ISIS and later sold to Stratfor.
"As for the photos of the Syrian air base, burned aircraft and automotive engineering, as well as numerous craters of rockets there is not the first month. It is the result of hard fighting for the airfield Syrian government troops and militants of the terrorist groups".
The words of the Russian representative reiterated the arguments many users of the Network, who spoke about the incredible boom of information if the reality of what happened.
Also connected were professionals from the media: the staff of the international project "Worldwide Warfare" has denied the authenticity of the satellite images, calling them a gross fake. This refers to the news Agency news of Neva.
In light of recent years, for the average Internet user is less unbiased resources. The routine was the placement of the paid themes that in one way or another discrediting an independent policy of Russia.
Stratfor — private intelligence and research company, which is, in essence, a "shadow CIA". The main properties of the analysts — impartial and evidence base. The published material did not contain any of these items. This means that the "shadow CIA" is either a bunch of Amateurs, or frankly gives a custom material. Apparently, the two guesses correspond to reality, and continue Stratfor previews will not cost a penny.
This fact information "stuffing" is not the first. 14 APR 2016 in the Russian segment of the Internet were reported shot down near Raqqa Russian combat aircraft. Of course, in a very short time by the Ministry of defence, the fake was exposed.
If we take the Arabic-speaking Internet, there are ISIS propagandists write every day about the successful assault Jamima and "thousands of dead Russians." All this anti-Russian propaganda, aimed at discrediting Russia and intimidation of the population. That is why every "hot" must be checked several times and wait for the responses from official sources.
Against Russia is an information war, the demonstration of which is already openly declare the most senior representatives of the Western establishment.
In addition to the ban of alternative points of view in which expresses approval of the actions of Moscow, American and European advocates are not shy to use eminent resources that have in the information environment of a certain status. Moreover, the level of anti-Russian content being broadcast there, you'll be clumsy, provocative and focus on the lowest human impulses.
Over time nejzapadnejsi Western agencies and resources are becoming less and, apparently, the number of honest and reputable foreign media will be zero.
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