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Followers of the Wahhabi doctrine have a very specific, narrow worldview. In this excerpt from Younus AlGohar’s speech, he reveals some key points about their beliefs.
The goal set by the Saudi regime is neither in the favour of Islam nor in the favour of the international community. The Saudi family is under the impression that the amendments made by their so-called reformer, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najadi, is ‘the reformed Islam.’ The Saudi family firmly believes that Islam which had been practised for 1100 years (before the alterations made by Najadi) was wrong. Allegedly speaking, Naajdi, whom they consider to be their topmost revivalist, has renewed Islam in its purest form.
They understand that among Muslims, only those who follow their interpretation of the religion and their interpretation of the Quran are true Muslims. Those who do not follow their sectarian doctrine may however be Muslims from different sects, but they do not consider them to be ‘pure Muslims’. Those who believe and understand Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Najadi to be their revivalist call this doctrine to be ‘Madhab Wahhabiya.’
Wahhabis do not think they are promoting their sect; rather, they believe they are promoting the actual, factual and purest form of Islam which was been reformed, revived and cleansed (God forbid) by their revivalist, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najadi. Therefore, anybody who does not conform to their ideology is not a pure Muslim. According to them, since that person is not a pure Muslim, that person should be killed, their property should be forfeited and their women may be raped and then killed by Wahhabis – and this is their right given to them by their religion.


Today in the western sphere of the world, we have so many friends of Saudi Arabia who are aware of what Saudi Arabia is all about. Still, they have their own vested interests; their friendship is purely based on their political and imperialistic interests.
But I want to tell you: Wahhabis have modified the interpretations of some of the recollections of the Prophet Mohammad according to their own agenda; they have developed a thought-process and mind-set [based upon these misinterpretations]. They think, sooner or later, a total Renaissance of Islam will occur and Islam will be the only religion, like a superpower.
They’re dreaming of becoming a superpower. They want the green flag that the Islamic declaration of faith to be hoisted in London and Washington. This is part of their plan, because they think when Renaissance of Islam occurs, this is what they are going to do to occupy these world capitals. They believe their Islam should be spread over the world and whoever doesn’t believe in their version should be killed.
Have the powers that are helping Saudi Arabia today (exchanging ammunition, etc.) ever looked into the future to see what the Wahhabis are planning to do to them? They want to plant their flag in your countries.
But this is not Islam, it is Wahhabism. They understand that one who kills all over the world in the name of Islam and takes control over the most land is Imam Mehdi (the title given to the Messianic personality by the Islamic faith). This is why they have designated Mullah Umar (the leader of the Taliban) to be Imam Mehdi.
They distorted the face of Islam. Najadi ‘reformed’ Islam to such an extent that he made a new Islam – An Islam in which there is no medium to reach God, where there is no love of Prophet Mohammad and an Islam which is void of spiritual esoteric knowledge. Everything is mentioned in the Quran and yet people who claim to be Muslim still believe the Wahhabi teachings – which are against Sharia, against Islamic Laws and against Prophetic Traditions. Is this not a divine wrath? They declare those who follow the teachings of spirituality to be infidels and apostates.
The true teachings of Islam were never spread around the world. The only version that spread around the world was Wahhabism.

Wahhabism is Actually a Cult of Hatred and Death

This is the definition of cult in context of a religious group. There are three main points about a cult: every cult is exclusive, authoritarian and secretive.
Exclusiveness: all members have the same belief and they all think, ‘We are not just the best, we’re the only ones who follow the truth. Everybody else is wrong.’ A prime example of a group that holds such beliefs is Wahhabis. Wahhabis have introduced a more severe form of a cult.
The Wahhabi cult is a cult of death and hatred. They think that they are the only ones who know the truth and follow the truth, and that everybody else is not just wrong – they are infidels.
They think, ‘Those who are not part of our group do not have the right to live. They must be killed, their women must be taken captive and made into sex slaves, and their properties must be forfeited.’ This is what Wahhabism is.
Every single Wahhabi has the same mentality and belief.
Authoritarian: a basic principle of Wahhabism is that all Wahhabis must be totally loyal and obedient to their leader.
Once a piece of instruction is passed by their leader, they have to follow and execute it. In executing the instructions passed by their leader, they must forget everything else.
For example, In ISIS, in the cult of death and hatred, a father is forced to kill his own son. He must do it because the instructions come from the leader. If he doesn’t follow the instructions, he is also liable for the same penalty.
Thirdly, every cult is secretive.
For example, we have evangelical style of a Muslim group in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, known as Tableeghi Jamaat (a Wahhabi organisation). In the initial stage, they prepare you for a newer form of Islam which is fundamentally adulterated. It is a form of Islam in which the basic principles of the religion are totally adulterated and altered – and not just modified, but renewed and replaced.
You receive revelation of God through a prophet. Your belief in God is totally dependant upon your love for the prophet. However, in this newer form of Islam introduced by Wahhabis, you are no more required to show veneration, admiration or love for Prophet Mohammad. As a result, you never get connected to God. You’re as distant from God as you were before you accepted Islam.
Initially, when Tableeghi Jamaat works, they change the way you perceive the Prophet Mohammad. They change the way you perceive the religion of Islam, in which there are different scholars and saints of God. Before being influenced by Tableeghi Jamaat, when you would feel that you’re not connected to God, you would visit the saints of God and through them, you would want your messages to be sent to God.
In the initial stage of the Tableeghi Jamaat curriculum, they remove the mediumship between man and God, whether this mediumship is consisting of messengers or prophets, or it is consisting of saints of God.
So you are  academically, emotionally and intellectually being pushed away from God, rather than being brought closer to God. This is where your entire system of belief collapses.
You develop new, strange and bizarre concepts about the religion. You begin to think only you know the truth and the rest of the people are either infidels or they’re not pure. You think you are the purest one. This is the true, practical definition of a cult.

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